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devientenigma Sat 25-Jun-11 20:07:50

Hoping you will share some of your fabulous thoughts with you know ds has been out of school this school year. He has specific issues in school which are reasons as to why he is anxious about being there. This also conflicts with what staff say about him. Due to the conflict between us and certain profs, nothing is getting done. His statement is conflicting as wel as all reports dated from 2005.
We have just been to visit another school out of borough and the ethos and principals as well as the senco already getting to grips with my sons needs seem to sound really fitting. The snag is it's also independant. The home tuition service are happy to come again in Sept though really want to see school working for him.
I have told his ss what I feel he needs and they have said they can not accomodate this, they also believe I am wrong. My reply...well if you met his needs he would be here. He would feel comfortable and safe in the environment you are creating for him. Unfortunatly he doesn't!! Anyway in a week I have a meeting with the head of ed and sars to work out whats best to do for him. Advice appreciated x

magicstick Sat 25-Jun-11 20:47:30

If you feel the independent school is the best place for your ds I would fight to get him in there. My ds got a place in an independent school after he was excluded from his mainstream school. It is the best school he has been to and they meet all his needs. If the statement is not right ask for him to be assessed again so that you will have up to date reports.

drivemecrazy63 Sat 25-Jun-11 21:37:37

you have to really fight for what you know is right for ds so stick to your guns , they were trying to push me into a corner like this and i fought back it works if your determined enough and your right if the environment was the right one and he felt safe and secure (as much as this is poss) ds would be in school now , i had this exact same problem and was even advised by the HT at a school the LA asked me to view along with the schools i wanted to view for ds the HT actually told me they want him to come here its the cheapest option so stick to your guns and that made me more determined than ever , good luck

magicstick Sat 25-Jun-11 21:48:00

Drivemecrazy is right we had to fight to get my ds his place in school they wanted him to go to a school that was not an independent school just to save money. It took us lots of different meetings to convince them that the other school could not meet his needs.

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