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ASD and toileting

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LegoLady95 Thu 23-Jun-11 22:25:30

I wondered if anyone had any advice for me re DS1 (just 4, severe ASD, non verbal). Until recently he has shown no interest/awareness in toileting. The last week or so he has started removing his nappy after wetting or soiling. He has now progressed to removing nappy before wetting or soiling on the floor. He also picks up his poos and puts them in our wardrobe(!) Like he is hiding them? I have never actually seen him remove his nappy and soil or wet, so I am pretty sure he purposely goes to a room alone to do it. I have a 2 year old as well, who DS1 generally avoids, so it's tricky to be on his tail all the time.
I have some visuals for him, and am taking him to the bathroom regularly, getting him to sit on the toilet (for a chocolate button as advised by ASD outreach) which he finds quite amusing, but nothing in the toilet yet. My 2 year old is trained, so I have been getting him to 'show' his big brother how to do it. DS1 is mildly interested in the splashing sound of the water but that is it. He has even got out of bed in the morning, removed his PJ's and (dry) nappy, then got back in bed and wet there.
He is very visual and loves water. He clearly is uncomfortable in a dirty nappy, can tell when he needs to go, and can control his bladder all night, so all the basics are there - it's a case of him connecting it with the toilet.
Any ideas very very welcome.

Grockle Fri 24-Jun-11 00:27:37

Work on weeing first.

Take him to the toilet frequently.

With poo, try to take him to the loo just before his usual time of going. Give him something to do (toy/book/song) to help him relax & Have a really special toy/ book that he only gets once he's successfully used the toilet.

Re poo in wardrobe... Have you shown him where it should go? Maybe take him with you while you flush it away & reiterate visually & verbally poo in toilet, no poo in wardrobe.

Good luck!

LegoLady95 Fri 24-Jun-11 09:09:58

Thanks Grockle. I have started showing him as I flush his poos down the toilet. I hadn't thought about a favourite book or toy. He loves books so I will try keeping a special one in the toilet.

pinkorkid Fri 24-Jun-11 09:23:24

As he likes books, perhaps he would respond well to a social story - link here to an article explaining what they are:

There were some links recently in another thread to a social story making website - so where you have a blank cartoon like format and can fill in the speech bubbles yourself to adapt it to different situations.

Just found this link to adescription of the experiences of potty training by the mum of an autistic child which may have some useful tips

drivemecrazy63 Fri 24-Jun-11 13:10:50

i was told to take ds into the loo when i go (which he did anyway as used to follow me everywhere) and show him the poo down the loo and get him if you can to flush it for you but start with the wee first in the day before progressing to night , one thing ds likes was a ping pong ball (bright colour ones best) that he could aim at down the loo you can even draw a face on it used to make ds laugh, then a toy or book on the loo to keep him sitting there hopefully but this i must admit i dont really like cos of hygene but i just used to get through a lot of antibac spray we had a book too about going to the loo something like the charlie and lola ones wasnt that but something like itif thats no good what about downloading PECS or social stories about it? and lots of kandoo wipes he loved those hth

Agnesdipesto Fri 24-Jun-11 15:19:43

We did it totally differently. DS knew what he had to do, but just refused and held it until he got off the loo and then wet his pants / bed / floor etc.
We did intensive toilet training (with ABA help).
We withheld his favourite things eg ipad for several weeks before
We sat him on the loo and gave him lots of drinks and he did not get to get off until he had gone - just kept saying wee in the toilet (use visuals if helps) then ipad
Then we kept putting him back on after a short break - loads more drinks - until he went again - had no pants on throughout
So lots of successful wees in the toilet in a few hours (he drank loads bless him)
Each time he went massive reward (ipad) and cheering etc and got off the toilet for 15 mins only
If he had an accident he had a bit of loo roll and had to dab the wet bit and put it in the loo (he didn't really clean it just gave him the idea he had to clean it and put it in the loo) to reinforce the idea that wee goes in the toilet
Then after a few successes we moved a bit further away from the toilet very gradually over several days - like 1 metre away, 2 metres away etc
DS is quite rigid so it worked well as once he got the rule, he followed it rigidly, so apart from upset tummy etc have had almost no accidents
Before you start you need to know your DS can sit for a while and be happy being entertained eg with books etc and will also drink alot.
Really you need support - but unlikely outreach will come and camp out at your house for 3 days which is what we had with ABA staff
Alternative is to do it by scheduling eg take him to toilet at set intervals when you know he needs to go (keep a chart for a week before). But that will not work if he is deliberately holding it in
Also fade out the treats when success is established
Within 3 days DS was taking himself and not looking for treats
Now he uses the toilet to avoid doing things and goes all the time.
That and he has discovered the joy of turning on taps!

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