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GARS 2 autism rating scale anyone???

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Becaroooo Wed 22-Jun-11 10:44:50

Have been sent one to fill in (as has the school SENCO) wrt ds1 and wondered if anyone knew how they score them??

I can only work out the "raw score" which is; 18, 10 and 16.

Can anyone tell me how to work out standard score and therefore his autism index score?


dolfrog Wed 22-Jun-11 12:07:56


Only just found these reviews of GARS
Screening Accuracy of Level 2 Autism Spectrum Disorder Rating Scales A Review of Selected Instruments
Does Parent Report of Behavior Differ Across ADOS-G Classifications: Analysis of Scores from the CBCL and GARS
The discriminative ability and diagnostic utility of the ADOS-G, ADI-R, and GARS for children in a clinical setting
Utility of the Gilliam Autism Rating Scale in Research and Clinical Populations
An Evaluation of the Gilliam Autism Rating Scale

I hope this helps

Becaroooo Wed 22-Jun-11 14:36:01

Thanks DF

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