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I just dont understand my Aspergers sons obsession !

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scartette Tue 21-Jun-11 22:48:48

I know most AS children have a particular obsession/area of interest eg.computers,trains,cars,engines etc, but my AS son, 11yrs, has a really strange one and I'm wondering if anyone else has a child with a similar interest.Its even hard to explain it but I'll try.
He loves playing pc games,especially star wars , and he is obsessed with what career he will choose when he leaves school BUT they both have to
be linked. Bear with me please,I havent lost it!
For example,he will play his star wars games and his chosen 'job'as he calls it will be a soldier,marine,etc because the action job corresponds with the action game.He will then deck out his room with army toys,action gear etc.
Then a few days or weeks later he will change his 'job' to a teacher/professor and he will play Harry Potter games as they correspond
with the school,teaching etc.
And so on!
It sounds trivial but its all consuming and is all he thinks about. It causes him great anxiety at times. I worry about what will happen when he goes to and has to start thinking about real jobs in the real world.
This has been his obsession since Aspergers first became apparent at the age of 7.
Has anyone an AS child with anything even remotely similar?

utah Wed 22-Jun-11 07:45:17

I would say this behaviour is very common with NT children the difference being that your son is aspergers so the obessions are stronger and the reasoning/internalising stronger. the only advice I would give is not to allow the bedroom to change to match. so he can have a clear space to relax and calm down when anxious rather than a room which fuels his worries.

EllenJaneisnotmyname Wed 22-Jun-11 08:31:26

It's the all consuming part which might be a bit worrying. My DS has obsessions but he can fit them in around his day to day activities. Current one is (still) Final Fantasy game on his IPod. But I limit how much time he can play it and limit his talking about it to me. (Yawn) Going on past experience he'll move onto something else eventually. If it's adversely affecting his school life, any socialising or homework, etc maybe you should limit it. But otherwise it sounds quite an imaginative obsession.

scartette Wed 22-Jun-11 11:50:00

Thanks for advice mums. Hadnt thought bout obsessions,reasoning being much stronger in Aspergers, but thats comforting actually. Explains intensness of it all.
Really hope you right Ellen... bout moving on to something else. Tba it would be a blessed relief-Have had nearly five yrs of this (yawn,yawn).
He can fit it round his day, but seems to be intensifying I think. Will limit gaming a bit more I think.
Thanks anyway-feel much better.

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