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should I move my ds? (school)

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Notsure1 Tue 21-Jun-11 22:13:58

Hi have namechanged for this, my ds is 5 and in year 1 (asd). He is statmented and the school is named in the statement. Over the last few months there have been little things that have really worried me and I seem to spend my entire time worrying abut him being there and wondering if I should move him. He has been getting into fights with another boy who has behavioral problems (parents are both alcohol/drug users). The school seem to think that this is ok as my son will fight back and "stick up for himself". I dont think this is acceptable, I don't want him thinking that fighting is OK.
I feel torn as the school have been so helpful in getting his statement (there are a high number of children on the sen register which is why I sent him there), but today I came out to hear a parent having a row with another, swearing and shouting, and another one calling her friends children "little f***ers" and they were all laughing thinking it was hilarious. I don't want ds around this sort of enviroment but n the other side of the coin, the school have been so accepting of his needs and helpful with the whole statementing process and he is happy there 90% of the time.
Acedemically I don't think he is making a huge amount of progress but I dont know if this is down to his condition or down to the schools teaching methods. I ave asked for a home school book so that I can keep track of what is going on but his teacher refused.
If I look at other school will he get in with a statement? Or will they have to accept him (but really not want him there in the first place?)
Sorry if this is all a bit garbled, I just am at a loss of what to do for him.

scartette Tue 21-Jun-11 23:14:43

I think at 5yrs, your sons happiness at the school is paramount. I wouldnt worry bout the academic side just yet. Give that another while, and see what happens. I would give it another year to get a good overall picture-the school sounds like its really good as regards sen. Youll prob instinctively know
next year whether its going to work out for your ds there or not.
I found yr 2 was when the academic progress became really apparent.
Ignore the carryon of the other parents for the time being. You'll prob. find that the playground problems will improve also come september. New school year etc. Keep a close eye and see how things go ,is what I would do.
He'll still only be 6 if you decide to move him next year.
Good luck!

asdx2 Wed 22-Jun-11 07:07:53

I send dd to a school with similar parents in a very deprived area because they are brilliant with SEN. I think the difference for me is that the fighting would be addressed whatever a child's needs.For a school in an area with so many problems in school the children's behaviour is outstanding and OFSTED agree. So I think you should ask school how they intend to address it because allowing ds to fight back isn't a strategy.In the mornings and at hometime the headteacher is very visible and there are reminders about language and acceptable behaviour and parents would be barred from the grounds for serious infringements so it is mostly very civilised tbh.
I think you should share your concerns and see if the school can reassure you before you look elsewhere tbh.

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