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School or LA delaying confirming Part 4 - any (urgently needed) advice please?

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BialystockandBloom Mon 20-Jun-11 15:00:23

Background: We told the LA of the school we were going to name on 14 May. Wrote it on the actual proposed statement on 18 May. The school had 15 days to respond. They didn't. I have spent the last 2 weeks chasing it up with the LA. Our case officer initially promised to chase up the school a week ago, then ignored my emails/calls for the last week. Her two colleagues I cc'd also ignored my emails.

She has finally just rung to tell me that actually her line manager has informed her that, because we made changes to the proposed statement (Final version due this Thursday) the school are legally not obliged to get their response in until 15 days after receipt of the final statement. Which means that the schools may break up for summer before we know where ds is starting Reception in September. So can't plan transition, can't plan our ABA tutors, can't plan LA 1:1 support with the school. Situation with a choice of 3 schools (one private which we'd have to pay a term's fees if we cancel at the last minute) which complicates things even more.

This is obviously just bullshit delaying isn't it angry

Any advice about how I handle this right now to get them to override this?

AFAIC the school may not have known this and they are still over 2 weeks late, so what's their excuse for this? And if our caseworker only just found this out why did she not chase it up before, as a matter of urgency?

And our final statement is due in 3 days time. Fgs what on earth difference does it make if the school respond now or in 18 days time?

I cut her short during the conversation and am due to call her back soon. Any advice greatly appreciated!

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