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Can nose picking be a tic?

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Sops Sun 19-Jun-11 22:04:14

Ds has always been one for having his fingers stuck up his nose. Recently I have begun to notice he tends to do it more when he is in stressful situations.
Anyone else noticed their dc's do this? Is he doing it as a comforting thing? Is it a tic?

Triggles Mon 20-Jun-11 07:57:57

Mine does. He's 4. Honestly, I just figured it was a little kid thing, if that makes sense. I didn't really put it down to a tic or stim. And it's a LOT! To the point where he has had a couple nosebleeds lately. hmm I'll watch and see if it displays in more stressful times or just random. I'm curious now.... grin

amberlight Mon 20-Jun-11 09:25:11

Can be because of hypersensitivity. The feeling of anything in or running down noses can be overwhelming for us and really, really distracting -same as if you had a painful splinter in your finger that you were aware of every time you moved. Every time we breathe, many of us can 'feel' the inside of our noses. It may be a way to stop some of the sensory overload. Teaching children the right way to deal with it is important - using hankies and being polite about it with others etc, of course.

wendihouse22 Mon 20-Jun-11 09:49:20

My ds has developed a deep sniff as a "tic" so afraid is he of anything coming out of his nose!

Sops Mon 20-Jun-11 10:44:52

He gives himself a nosebleed often, which is why it's eventually occurred to me that it might be more than just the normal little kid nose picking.
He is hyper-sensitive to smells in general so perhaps that does have something to do with it.
I try to tell him to use a hankie but he says it doesn't get the bogies out!

logi Mon 20-Jun-11 18:15:03

My son 7 (ASD) does this too,i have been told it is a tic is a lot worse when he is anxious..he continuously puts his fingers up his nose very briefly but often.

Sops Mon 20-Jun-11 22:18:38

I remember when he was in the nativity play at school- fingers of both hands up his nostrils the whole time! grin

rebl Mon 20-Jun-11 22:26:38

My ds has his finger up his nose the whole time but isn't it just a 4 yo thing? I think half of his class had their fingers up their noses at the nativity play!

Sops Mon 20-Jun-11 22:31:06

Maybe it is just his age but is it usual for them to be frequently making their noses bleed? None of the rest of his class appear to do it to anything like the degree he does.

mum0fthree Tue 21-Jun-11 09:50:31

It may start as just general nose picking but develop into a tic. ds has really bad hayfever, In spring 2010 he started to sniff and nose scrunch a lot he then started to use the back of his hand. when the hayfever season passed he continued to do this. It then developed to include his eyes and a grimace. I have only mentioned it to him once and he told me it is because its itchy.

He also has a lot of nose bleeds, the first thing he says is "I haven't been picking my nose"

I agree with ambertlight regarding sensory issues .

nadia77 Tue 21-Jun-11 11:24:10

what does tic stand for I’m sorry I’m terrible at these abbreviation? my asd ds does it too.

rebl Tue 21-Jun-11 12:46:21

My ds picks his nose until it bleeds. He has sensory issues. I had never thought of it being sensory related though, I had just thought he was doing what all the other boys in his class did! I work in yr 3 and there is a boy in there who is nt and he still picks his nose until it bleeds on a regular basis!

Sops Tue 21-Jun-11 14:55:19

rebl, do all the boys in your ds' class make their noses bleed as well? Is it a boy thing? Maybe it is more widespread than I thought...

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