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Parents of disabled children could lose £1,400 in welfare shakeup

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dolfrog Sun 19-Jun-11 13:42:42

From Saturdays Guardian Parents of disabled children could lose £1,400 in welfare shakeup

mrshess Sun 19-Jun-11 15:24:18

When does the tax credits become halved for children with disabilities?
Is it 2013?

How they sleep at night i dont know

2old2beamum Sun 19-Jun-11 17:32:14

BASTARDS!! Have just read it in The Observer

pretentiouswasteoftime Sun 19-Jun-11 17:51:46

Yes this is true and it's fucking crappy of the bastards. My son with ASD relies on my support after school each day and this money enabled me t give that support by working part time topped up with this tax credit premium. The fuckers want to remove it though and once they do it will just not be worth me working for a living. So instead of ME paying the rent it'll be the taxpayer - excellent work Mr Cameron!

2old2beamum Sun 19-Jun-11 18:25:10

Like many people I know I gave up a good carreer and adopted 8 children with special needs and medical needs (sadly 3 have died).I am an OAP and rely on the child tax credit ( thanks Gordon Brown) and my eldest 3 incap. benefit. I have saved this country so much money. DS was costing £5000 a week in care in 2004.Don't get me wrong i wouldn't cange a thing just needed to shout!!

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