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IrishCoffee Fri 17-Jun-11 23:19:36

Evening Ladies grin)
Have lurked on the boards for a while now and got some invaluable advice re. filling out my 7 yo DS (HFA/ASD) DLA form (used the Cerebra Guide to great effect). Without the advice I'd read here I would never have managed to fill it in as thoroughly as I did!
Good news, he's been awarded high rate care and low rate mobility until 2016 which I'm so relieved with, and really quickly too, it was processed in just 10 days!

However, the form had to be back by the 7th of June, I sent it recorded delivery via Royal Mail on the 2nd June and tracked it online, it was delivered by noon on the 3rd June. When I received his award letter however, it's dated from the 8th June, so I called the helpline and theyre saying that's when they received it, yet I know it was delivered on the 3rd?!

I queried this as obviously he'll lose the 6 weeks award given from the date the form was sent out, and the Lady I spoke to said it will be looked at to see when they date stamped it on receipt (I gave her the tracking number). I told her several times that I was concerned and that I don't want his award to be reconsidered, only the date its been awarded from and she said it's highly unlikely that it would change, but Im worried, it was so difficult to fill it all out and I was so relieved to get it awarded straight away, will they just look at the date again? Does anyone have a similar experience? And does he continue getting his payments whilst they are checking the dates? He's already received 1 payment and is due another in 4 weeks.

Apologies for the rambling post, confused and concerned! Many thanks in advance grin)

Chundle Sat 18-Jun-11 19:03:59

Congrats on getting it awarded. When did you ring up? If you feel the person you spoke to didn't fully understand what you were saying then I would ring again on Monday and explain again ask what's going on. Good lyck

imawigglyworm Sat 18-Jun-11 22:01:23

I agree I would ring back, you could send them the link or printed copy to prove when it was signed for, maybe the right office didnt get it til 8th but thats still no excuse on their behalf.
Good luck.

nicevideoshameaboutthesong Sat 18-Jun-11 22:25:39

the Cerebra guide rocks.

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