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School 'feel sorry' for our crap TA

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appropriatelytrained Fri 17-Jun-11 18:28:42

Many of you wonderful folks have helped and supported me with my trials and Tribunalations (!) recently and may remember my battle with the crap TA.

Yesterday, despite 3 visits from the S&LT who set targets about 'modelling' a message task 5x a week, and despite school being exposed for doing nothing (or pretending they'd been doing it but 'forgetting' to keep records), TA told DS on a message delivering task on his own. When he said he couldn't do it, she let him go with a friend but said 'you should be doing this yourself'. shock

Seriously, she hadn't even be working on the f***ing target with him at all over the last five weeks and then lies and then starts telling him to do it himself.

Anyway, I had an appointment with the head today after I mentioned all my concerns to the senco.

Head is always very defensive about her staff even when they're clearly crap. So she 'feels sorry' for the TA for having to deal with such a 'complex' situation. This TA that she hired without qualification because she 'seemed sympathetic' is a cow and useless. She has lied about loads of things and doesn't do most of what is agreed when professionals come in.

Head was covering her arse as was class teacher who tried to pretend TA had gone with DS but then backed down and said he didn't know after trying to pretend she'd 'given DS a choice about how to do it'. This was because I told him that wasn't acceptable when the S&LT was telling her to model a task before sending him alone.

Head tried to suggest I was being very undermining to the crap TA and to the other TA who is superb. I had to say that was clearly untrue and I have a great relationship with the other TA whose praises I am always singing.

Anyway, I told her I blamed the 'system' not the individual and if the TA wsn't delivering, it was because she wasn't being trained, supported and directed properly. I told them they needed to access outside expertise. I wasn't blaming them for not knowing what to do but everyone else will blame them for not putting provision in place. They need to get with the programme. I think that sunk in a bit.

What gets me is that they still don't understand DS and his problems. It is the second time this week I have had to explain to staff that their 'perception' of him was irrelevant, that they have ample evidence of his needs and the fact that he is unlikely to communicate his difficulties so they shouldn't take it personally if they felt something went ok and I report back that it didn't/

Honestly, the child has had a statement for five months and they still don't get this. They are so f***ing precious it's untrue. Feel sorry for my son not a whingy incompetent TA.

I wish I could just walk from the place. But this bloody Tribunal makes it impossible.

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