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Help a fellow special needs mummy

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tashahol Thu 16-Jun-11 16:29:18

Please take a second to vote. Its free and it really will help x
C'mon lets get her WINNING!!

(PS. free cake available when Michelle wins:D)

madwomanintheattic Thu 16-Jun-11 17:02:40

so, all of them have special needs kids (one or more), most have illnesses, conditions or disabilities themselves, and most of them have set up national or local charities as a result of their experiences.

and they are all undoubtedly lovely people.

i know she's probably your friend and everything (and a fellow mner? if so, it's be lovely to vote for 'our' friend too), but 'help a fellow special needs mummy' is a bit misleading, isn't it?

hope she does great, but i find these contests a bit icky and a little but patronising tbh. 'prove to us how challenging your life is and that you are coping and we'll give you a random milton title'...

there are gazillions of women in the same position. it's lovely you want to honour your friend in this way, but i don't like the way you're trying to play the sn board, sorry.

these things are just popularity contests - who can rustle up the most votes via fb/ mn/ school. if i knew one of the contestants i'd play the game, but they all look pretty deserving to me. as do the other thousands of mums who haven't bothered to enter.

or didn't you actually look at the other entries?

if it's an mn thing, you need to be advertising 'vote for username', and then they'll have to namechange afterwards.

have you really only posted on here 4 times btw? twice for this? only i think i've got a problem with my advanced search and i've been having some techy issues over the last couple of days...

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