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Transition day at high school, need support

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Chummybud1 Wed 15-Jun-11 19:11:01

my son who has Dcd had his first day at secondary school today. He came home really happy and said he enjoyed it. However later I got a message from a friend who's child attends the school. He said my son spent the whole of lunch time by himself. When other kids asked if he was ok he said yes but would not join in with them. He also took £4 in bag for lunch and came home with nothing. He says he has 2 cakes, a drink and a main meal. Surely that did not cost £4. I am going to phone about lunch money tomorrow as the school was informed my son had no sense of money. Feel my big happy bubble has burst.

EllenJaneisnotmyname Wed 15-Jun-11 19:23:13

Oh, it's such a big step. My DS2 with ASD is going up to secondary in Sept also, with a Statement. He spends lunchtimes on his own quite happily ATM, he uses it as chill out time. I'm not expecting anything different in secondary. Do they have a lunchtime club for SN? They do at my DS's new school, and he will be encouraged, but not forced, to go. I do worry about him wandering around at lunchtime and getting bullied. He acts in quite an eccentric way.

What does your DS do ATM at lunchtime? At least it tends to be much shorter at secondary. He may be happy on his own and need time to relax without having to 'put a show on' for the others.

The money thing is a bit different. My DS1 in year 8 says a main meal costs £2, a big drink costs about 80p and cakes are 50p each, so about £4. DS1 just gets a main meal, we supply a snack and a drink from home.

There was a support thread on SN education on flapping about moving up. May have some info for you. Any other issues I'll be glad to share. smile

EllenJaneisnotmyname Wed 15-Jun-11 19:25:55

Thread on moving up It's a bit quiet atm but did have lots of info.

smileANDwave2000 Wed 15-Jun-11 19:38:22

ts a worrying time ive had a close friend go through this who had LD and a statement she was ok but they had a bit of a kafuffle after starting making sure they were doing what they are supposed to but she is very happy there now and its all worked out well , try not to let your worries about it rub off on your dc, ask to see their inclusion or senco again to go over your worries maybe just before school summer break and if once your dc goes back after summer you may well want to pop in again if anything occurs over the first few days, you might like to also see if their are clubs or a place he can go at lunchtime rather than the canteen or playground. the cost of lunch is £2.00 at our dcs school and drinks and snacks vary from 40p to £1,so £4.00 is easily spent having said that our school doesnt use cash its done on a machine where they use finger printing accounts so you debit the account and when they get food its deducted from their account after

Chummybud1 Thu 16-Jun-11 19:41:51

Thanks everyone for your support. I will give him £4 a day and that should keep him right. At the moment he spends lunchtime me himself, he does however have some really good friends at his school, but they are younger. I know I am worrying unnecessarily and am sure all our kids will be fine. Thanks everyone

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