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DLA question - part 25?

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chocjunkie Wed 15-Jun-11 09:26:07

Who would you like to tell us about the child's
illnesses or disabilities?

DD (3) has severely delayed/disordered s&l... we don't have a dx yet. I am just filling in the form which is quite a reality check for me... sad

I am not sure whose details best to give for part 25. DD only just started nursey and is still settling in (not going well, btw), so they don't really know my real DD yet. we saw the paed but only once so far. he knows all the concerns we have about DD but himself has seen only very little of her. we had a block of salt (5 x 30 min within group therapy - so not a lot either). don't know if I am making thinks too complicated but I don't feel that anybody else really knows DD and not sure whose details to give.

any advise?


Chundle Wed 15-Jun-11 11:13:00

Is this the bit where you get someone to write a paragraph about your child? I got my dds keyworker at child development centre to do it. I told her the key areas I had focussed on in form (for me it was sleep, communication and sensory) and she fille out her part the same. I photocopied the page a couple of times for her to allow for mistakes then stapled it to the form once she had completed it. If nursery isn't going well chances are they have sen your dd at her worst and could write a fairly accurate piece?? Could you sit down and tel them what you've focussed on in form and ask them to reiterate it on their part. Get them to do it on a photocopied bit though in case your not happy with it

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Wed 15-Jun-11 12:12:44

if it's the bit where you have to just give an address for someone? I'd go for a professional of some sort, as chundle said, school may be best placed to do that, you can ask what they think before you put them down. However, if it's not going well at school because of the staff not getting your dd then reconsider!

if it's the part that someone has to complete then you can ask anyone, including grandparents, friends etc.

keep going, plenty of brew and a large wine for when you've finished!

smileANDwave2000 Wed 15-Jun-11 12:30:53

if youve already put school/nursery ect on the form to be contacted you can instead also put a friend or relative whos looked after DC and knows them well or a childminder that sort of thing

chocjunkie Wed 15-Jun-11 12:35:55

it is the part where I just give the address ;-) I take it question by question and hadn't even noticed that I need a statement from somebody who knows the child shock grin shock...

might use the paed for the address part then and the nursery (they are supportive btw, put DD straight on EYA+ and are really trying to meet her needs) for the little statement in the end. our families live abroad, so can't ask them.

looking forward to my well deserved plonk once this is done... phew! for now its brew and chocolate (plenty)!

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