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what happens usually at the 2nd dev paed appointment?

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chocjunkie Tue 14-Jun-11 22:22:46

DD's 2nd dev paed appointment is approaching (well, next month). saw him 2 month ago. DP and myself thought DD (3) shows signs of asd; she has also very delayed s&l. paed thought it rather looks like sensory processing problems and severe s&l disorder (not delay) and asd unlikely. paed said he wants to wait and see esp as she had just been put by DD's salt on a block of group speech therapy.

we just finished this block and it didn't make any difference at all, (salt also said she found DD difficult: difficult to engage, somehow not "switched on" and in her own world, often not even responding to her name and salt does not know what to do next; she needs to ask her teamleader hmm).

what happens usually when you see the paed again? it is common to have another round of wait and see? we played this game with HV and GP for the past 1.5 years already...

starting to get really stressed & frustrated about this lack of DD's progress and nothing really happening in terms of therapy/support... living up to my name quite a lot these days (I must be the only woman who manages to fully breastfeed a baby, DC2, and to put on weight at the same time blush)

IndigoBell Wed 15-Jun-11 14:54:12

We were dx'd on the 2nd visit. Then the pead could say she'd seen him twice, 6 months apart, and he was displaying the same behaviours...... + by then she'd had an EP and OT report in with the same conclusion, so she could confidently dx.........

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