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God I feel like crying...

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unpa1dcar3r Tue 14-Jun-11 20:41:13

Had a bit of a day today; SW visited to form fill n tick boxes, took 4 hrs and I wasn't happy with result. I'm being used as a guinnea pig for this pilot scheme to discover how much support a carer needs with their child/ren...points between 0 and up to 10.
Had heated discussion about what points each got for each section (e.g they say 0 as much as poss while I'm saying that ones defo a 8 or whatever)
Then Youngest decided to throw dads car/house keys over next doors jungle of a garden probably because I dared to give his older bro a little attention. Heaven knows where in hell they are and neighbour hates us so wont allow us to look.
Then i got sent a really sick 'joke' about 'window lickers/r*tards etc from a really good mate who i thought knew better and it made me think that ignorance towards our kids is universal; the SW who doesn't really know them wanting me to complete a form which is clearly budget led and not carer/caree led and a normally wonderful member of society thinking it ok to forward such vile words to me of all f*cking people.
Oh b*llocks to it all. I'll just bang my head on the wall cos it probably makes more frigging sense.

TotalChaos Tue 14-Jun-11 21:13:43

sorry you had such a shitty day, unpaid, hope tomorrow is better. do the neighbours go out tomorrow (thinking whether you could look for car keys if you sneaked in)

Triggles Tue 14-Jun-11 21:20:38

oh no. So sorry you've had a rotten day! The form sounds horrendous - I hate box ticking on the best of days, and this ones sounds a bit like they bullied you into agreeing with their choices. How awful!

brew or wine and chocolate, with feet up for you! Hope tomorrow's better!

Oblomov Tue 14-Jun-11 21:28:02

I just wanted to come and offer you sympathy.
I had a really shit day today. meeting with school and pwp re ds1's new aspergers diagnosis.achieved nothing. at all. So I understand the banging head against brick wall feeling. And i just wanted to offer you a hug on that alone.

utah Tue 14-Jun-11 21:45:52

its strange I now have to work harder with my friends with NT children and I seem to be growing apart. One close one was telling me of a work colleague whose child is one of those imaginary autistic children. counted to 20 as I have better people to battle with. I always find the window licking one strange as my son actually does and I now only use water to clean my windows so he gets no nasty chemicals. Again I would only share that with other SN parents

unpa1dcar3r Tue 14-Jun-11 21:49:48

Aw thanks guys for your support. feeling a bit better; my mate apologised when i pulled her about the joke, i know she didn't mean any harm as she's not like that and tries her best to make sure disabled people are catered for where she works but she just didn't think is all.

my SIL just came in and sneaked over nxt door and miraculously found the keys after a few minutes thank now I'm off to bed with a good book, that's about as exciting as it gets for me these days lol
Utah that made me laugh. My elder son licks me!!! does it when he's happy with me. I reckon I must taste nice or something!!!

geeandfeesmum Wed 15-Jun-11 08:28:17

Aw, my DD licks me and windows and well most things really. Again, a fact I could only share on here. Sorry you're having a rough day. Hope things are feeling better now.

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