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Bedguards for travelling with sn kid

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tolipfinityandbeyond Mon 13-Jun-11 00:02:12

Hi everyone, can someone enlighten me with what to do about a bedguard for my daughter, for our first ever holiday? Well, it's just a weekend away in a hotel, but our first time away as a family! My girl is 8 but has a rare genetic condition, Pieront Syndrome. She is like a much younger child! and she can't sleep unless she has her bedguard to make her feel safe!

wentshopping Mon 13-Jun-11 06:44:41

Hi tolip, we use one like this which folds flat, but somewhere I have also seen an inflatable bedguard/bedrail which would be less bulky for travel. I would take a look on kiddicare website. Have a good trip!

wentshopping Mon 13-Jun-11 06:47:11

actually when I travel with my dd, I put her in the middle of a double bed and put rolled up towels or pillows at the edges. If I hear something fall out, I know its not her. (And she cant move around enough to get stuck under any of these)

Marne Mon 13-Jun-11 09:28:43

We use this as it folds up small so easy to pop int the boot of the car without taking up too much space.

tolipfinityandbeyond Mon 13-Jun-11 10:25:45

Thanks everyone, especially Marne, I've just ordered that one!

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