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Do I need to arrange Private SALT

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CinnamonPretzel Sun 12-Jun-11 20:02:35

I wonder if you can give me some advice please(I'm asking lots in a day or two - sorry! blush)

My DS saw the NHS SALT a while back, and she said she hadn't spotted anything wrong verbally with our DS, his facial expressions and reactions to peers was okay and gave advice on social stories for his lack of safety and need of visual routine cards. She was only there for about an hour and a half, it was in school, it was a sit back and watch him in the playground and then in class affair and she said she didn't have time to write a report as they are covering maternity (not the original SALT we were supposed to see) and didn't have time for that and see all the children waiting on the list.

The original SALT (on maternity leave) who initial met our son in the multi review meeting with Paed, said at the time, he was extenuating certain sounds in words etc...

Should I be thinking about arranging a private SALT as I have OT, and do you know of any good ones in the Chelmsford, Brentwood, Thurrock area that you can recommend?

Thanks in advance smile

loulou77 Sun 12-Jun-11 20:13:31

I can't give any proper advice, but it would seem wholly unprofessional not to write up the observations? They must have written something down? Whilst I understand that SALT is completely under-resourced and the therapists are under pressure, it would seem unacceptable not to give you a summary of the observations...then at least if you decide to engage a private SALT you at least have something for them to start from? Perhaps if you email the therapist asking her to confirm she will not have the time to summarise her findings she might make the time?

beautifulgirls Sun 12-Jun-11 20:39:13

Sounds very wrong that nothing was put in writing so I would definately take loulou77s advice and ask for them to confirm by reply in writing that no report is being done. It does sound like you are still concerned and so to that end I would suggest a private SALT assessment. We found ours through What does the paed think also? Presume the therapist who saw your DS would need to report to them at least anyway to say he had been seen.

CinnamonPretzel Sun 12-Jun-11 22:34:36

Thanks Lou/Beauti, I'll write to SALT and ask for the summary details they have written. I know she contacted the Paed, because I asked about Auditory Processing Disorder and she wasn't sure. Paed phoned me within an hour saying they would look into it further - not heard anything since, that was a few months back confused
We must be due for our follow up review appointment anytime now too so will phone up Paed secretary and ask her where we are re: appointments and details etc.

I have so much flying around in my head right now, so much paperwork to fill out and the Statement assessment to push for, just want it all in place!

Thanks smile

CinnamonPretzel Wed 27-Jul-11 00:30:21

I got a reply from my MP who has chased up PCT.
I've also received another appointment from SALT to review DSs case and complete more tests... we'll see how that goes - will update when I know more!

CinnamonPretzel Sun 07-Aug-11 10:14:13

Okay - so SALT requested further tests because they'd been contacted for a report by the statement team. The Therapist said to be prepared for a lot of negative detail in the report, this was to help DS as they can't put too much positive in. I laughed and told her as much negative as possible to help DS get what he needs from the Statement. They asked if an ADOS had been done by Psych as no record in his file could be found - I said no and if one would help a statement. She said it might help get a better understanding of his triad and would rush an appointment through as the report was overdue.

So, DS has had his picture/words test a.d this week will have his ADOS, then we'll be sent the report to quickly view and comment on before it gets sent in to SENCAN.

I'm always worried about NHS reports, as people say they only put down what they CAN provide rather than what they NEED, but I did ask if they could put down what DS needs, whether they can provide it or not... They appeared positive to this so we'll see smile

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