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Statement falling apart, please help

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Katastrofee Fri 10-Jun-11 10:34:04

My DS, age 12 has ASD and ADHD. He has a statement since last year which includes SALT, OT etc. As we are approaching our first annual review, the specialists are sending reports to me.

One report starts well: "made progress", "responds well to intervention". Then it goes down hill: "can perform some of the skills in the therapy sessions due to context and controlled environment"... It goes on : "However, the school reports the following concerns: [ list of all the elements of being able to have a two way conversation like taking turns, being relevant, not dominating, basically showing he cannot perform those skills outside the therapy sessions]. "However, his impulsivity and limited self-awareness means he struggles to inhibit his own excited responses. He is now armed with the tools she requires in terms of raising awareness of his social skills. It is up to school to carry out reinforcing behaviours as and when required, e.g., to remind DS to be quiet where appropriate..."

Then it concludes: "Although DS social skills are not always appropriate, he knows what he should do in those situations... If DS decides that he wants to work on certain areas, his teaching assistants have the material to refer back to in order to support this. He will therefore be discharged at the end of the Summer Term. " shock

The school doesn't have an IEP for him. These specialist interventions are not integrated and not reinforced in school. I didn't even know what specialists were doing, it isn't documented. They make it sound like he doesn't want to behave, but obviously he can't. They didn't do anything yet to help this.
They say he learned "the theory" but in the same report they say that he cannot perform those skills in real life. When they'll stop the interventions, he will happily forget everything and we are back in square one... Where does it leave us? What to do?

I feel after those SENDISTS and endless negotiations with the LA I had something for DS in my hands. Now it?s all gone like sand

smileANDwave2000 Fri 10-Jun-11 11:18:29

that doesnt sound good does it or appear they quite understand and they should that in the quiet controlled environment during the therapies he may well be able to listen and act appropriately but when in the noisy classrooom with his sensory issues and in a less structured situation like on a school trip at playtime or in pe ect he will obviously find it harder nion impossible to always act appropriately, then as you say there is the other aspect of wether they actually do do these interventions and re-enforce them when needed, why has the school not got an IEP ?my ds is the same he often says what he thinks they want to hear but in RL he just cant focus or remember (he has a short term memory too) what hes been told

Katastrofee Fri 10-Jun-11 11:30:56

Yes, it's like giving a lecture on primary maths right through to university maths in one go, and then saying "go on, you have the tools..."

Can I salvage this in any way? What could I do?

I was thinking that they shouldn't discharge him before their is evidence that he can perform the skills. Maybe I should suggest to suspend it somehow and the SALT to devise an IEP a road map and supervise it with the TA? When he will be able to perform those skills in real life, the SALT should review and then discharge? When the LA will read this report they will remove provisions from the statement and that will be it.

But what is the process, the law? Anyone?

smileANDwave2000 Fri 10-Jun-11 12:34:36

im sure someone will come along and have advice on this but it is a worry at the yearly review im sure for a lot of people that our Dcs will be deamed suddenly "OK" as if all their previous problems have disapeared confused
does your ds have sensory issues? can that area be looked into as it has to make a big difference in his ability to follow through with technics , advice and instruction, as far as law it doesnt seem right he should have an IEP were not flies on the wall so who knows wether they impliment it or not butyes surely you should be given reports to back that up and i would ask to see them i cant see without how they can just discharge like that, id therefore contact PP if you have one or snap or global mediation one of these nutral mediators to help you get what you poor ds deserves im angry for you

smileANDwave2000 Fri 10-Jun-11 12:35:51

sorry i mean (doesnt seem right he has not got an IEP )

Katastrofee Fri 10-Jun-11 12:43:29

He has sensoryissures and all the menu for ASD and ADHD...
The OT also seem to report "I 've done my work , now it's up to the school to practice..."
Is that a new tactic for cuts? Abolishing statements by stealth?

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