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childcare ideas for three year old who hates transitions.......

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smugtandemfeeder Wed 08-Jun-11 15:14:36

DH and I have reduced our hours at work to care for our son. He goes to a childminder one day a week whom he loves but even after two years there he still hates transitions and gets very very upset as soon as he relalises we are going there.

Leaving him at a new childminder did not go well and we had to take him out of there. Any hint of assertiveness or taking him to playgroups and he is in a frenzy.

I have lots and lots of stored up childcare vouchers which I could use but I cant afford the tax for a nanny and cant use the childcare vouchers to pay for the tax.

A childminder could collect him from our house which he would prefer but having already interviewed local childminders and got it wrong I really dont feel that is right for him or that I have the energy to find another one.

He needs 1:1 or something similar to 1:1.

Any ideas or ways to deal with the utter hatred of transitions appreciated. Tired!

davidsotherhalf Wed 08-Jun-11 15:25:49

can you find someone who would come to your house and look after your ds?it would save all the change in routine and be in familiar surroundings

smugtandemfeeder Wed 08-Jun-11 15:48:10

Yes that is what I would like but then you have to pay tax as an employer and I don't have money for that. Complicated I know....

davidsotherhalf Wed 08-Jun-11 16:08:58

do you have a friend who wants to work and split the childcare? or a relative that would look after ds in your home?

dietcokegirl Wed 08-Jun-11 17:32:12

My DS1 (ASC 3.10) goes to nursery part-time. He dislikes the transition from home to nursery and some mornings the stress of getting him there is quite unbearable. I did feel like giving in today and taking him home he was so distressed (think he just wants to stay at home with me now). However, I only suffer (emotionally!) the stress of getting him there because I know once he is there he is fine. It is like flicking a switch. He then just gets on with it and I would go as far as to say he is happy there.

He does struggle with some transitions whilst there but usually a token resistance or strop on the floor. He gets 1:1 support. He has a timetable, uses PECs and first then board etc. He objected to the timetable at first but now he gets so much more from his time at nursery as he is accessing more areas.

I am not sure whether nursery is an option for you with the 15 hrs per week you get free? Apologies if not but just thought would let you know what we do with DS1.

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