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Auditory Memory problems

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SkipToTheEnd Tue 07-Jun-11 21:08:50

I'm new to this board and very new to the whole notion of Auditory Memory problems. I posted my whole sorry meltdown today in the education section as I hadn't even seen this whole topic!

Basically, I was told today that DD (10) has severe Auditory Memory issues. She already has a tentative Dyslexia diagnosis and is getting fully assessed including an Ed. Psychologist in the near future.

We'll be getting a report from the speech,language and communication therapist who called today and will be meeting with the school senco and the teacher asap.

I'm just wondering if anyone has dealt with similar? Do you have any tips for things that I can do at home to help her? She has a whole confidence problem too so any ideas about boosting that?

dolfrog Tue 07-Jun-11 21:26:35


There are three cognitive subtypes of developmental dyslexia auditory, visual, and attentional. So an auditory processing disorder, a visual processing disorder, an attention disorder or some combination of the three can cause the dyslexic symptom.
Dyslexia is about having problems with a man made communication system the visual notation of speech, or the graphic symbols societies choose to use to represent the sounds of speech. We use the Latin Alphabet writing system.

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is a listening disability, or having problems processing what you hear all sounds including speech. Those who have APD have poor auditory memories, including word recall problems, poor sequencing skills, problems with low levels of background noise (pink sound). This can cause problems following conversations and following verbal instructions.

APD is diagnosed by an audiologist, and The recommendation is a multi discipline assessment (multi professional) the audiologisit to diagnose the APD, a speech and language pathologist to assess the speech and langauge problems caused by the APD, and a psychologist to assess the problems of living with APD.
For more information
Medical Research Council
UK APD Steering Committee
Auditory Processing Disorder in the UK (APDUK)

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