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Verbal Stimming

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PipinJo Tue 07-Jun-11 18:22:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lynn6697 Thu 09-Jun-11 07:00:28

Hi PipinJo
We chatted before on another subject. My son has just started making clicking noises as well this week, two days after coming back from half term. Previously his only "tick" (is tick the same as verbal stimming?) was a sort of mini yawn it seemed he was doing to release tension in his jaw. But over the past few days, he's suddenly clicking, making a noise that sounds like "hhrrrmm" and also blinking, as well as doing the mini yawn thingy. I don't understand it because apparently he is supposed to be only very mildly ASD (he's more troubled by dyslexia and inattention). Verbal stimming is an ASD behaviour corrrect?

geeandfeesmum Thu 09-Jun-11 07:40:04

Not sure what you can do to help him. DD does the strangenclicky noise in the back of her throat too. She somehow does it just before or at the same time as talking (well not talking since she isn't really able to talk yet but her version of talking). She also does a weird gagging sound quite a lot. I figure if it helps her it's ok. Never really thought of it as stimming before but I guess that's what it is. She is currently awaiting diagnosis by multi agency meeting at the end of the month. Good luck I'll be interested to know whether you find something that works for your DS.

Ineedalife Thu 09-Jun-11 09:29:16

Dd3 has had several stimms over the last couple of years ranging from finger clicking and throat clearing to constant humming and singing. IMO they occur more when she is stressed especially the throat clearing.

Hers usually fade after a couple of weeks but are often replaced by something else, September is our worst time for stimming aas she has stuggled to cope with new classes.

I don't know how to stop them and think I would probably not try to as it seems to be a coping strategy. Only my opinion obviously and yes the singing one does drive me loopy after a few days.

No help really sorry, good lucksmile.

PipinJo Thu 09-Jun-11 09:43:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tryingtokeepintune Thu 09-Jun-11 12:17:33

Ds did that for awhile - shouting for no reason, repeating phrases etc. I was told that is was a coping mechanism and it usually happens during transitions.

He has stopped doing that now but then he is less anxious and OT has suggested lots of ways to de-stress.

Lynn6697 Fri 10-Jun-11 07:55:47

Have spoken with school and our child doesn't do these new 'ticks' (or whatever they are), other than the mini yawn, in school - just at home. I agree with others that it appears to be his child equivalent of a glass of wine after a hard day, as the ticks were worst on Wed, after he had a couple of incidents at school both with teachers and other students and it seemed to be his way of coping and processing all that had happened

Lynn6697 Fri 10-Jun-11 07:57:26

Sorry, unclear language - I meant to say I agree with others that it seems to be a coping mechanism

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