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Ross W Greene - Explosive child/Lost in school

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bumblingbovine Tue 07-Jun-11 14:03:57

I have recently been reading these books and have seen them mentioned on here before but I thought people might be interested in his website (if they didn't know about it already).

He has masses of free info and help on it, including podcasts and videos. I am really impressed at how helpful and useful it is without even having to buy his books. He provides it all free on his website which is so useful

I have been using his collaborative problem solving ideas for a while at home now and it is working really well. TBH at home ds's behaviour is easier to manage than at cchool anyway but despite that I have still noticed a real difference in ds's understanding of his problems and in his willingness to discuss how he might do things differently.

In the past it has always felt like I or DH are telling him stuff but that he isn't really taking it on board. DS seems much more willing to engage with us now and it feels like we are talking properly about his issues at school rather than us lecturing and ds either getting upset or ignoring us.

Getting the shool to do this with hime is unlikely but d's behaviour in school had improved considerably in the last 2-3 weeks before half term so maybe doing this at home has helped a bit with school as well

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