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Stimming? Or just being quirky? And how do you cope?

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PaperView Mon 06-Jun-11 22:00:53

And the question that won't go away - What if he is just a fiddly child?

Sorry for multiple threads. I try not to post but finding DS2 really difficult at the mo. It's half term and his fidgetyness has got SO much worse. He is literally never ever still, always pacing or walking round and round the footstool or the table or doing his funny skip with one leg in the air. He never sits up at the table straight even with his Breezi chair preferring to slouch and wriggle. His noises are endless at the moment - ranging from high pitched noises, to whistling, to humming, to meowing and even just waffling on to himself.

e has no official dx but the paeds have placed him under the sensory integration disorder/dyspraxia umbrella. CAMHS are doing a multi agency thing before looking at whether to do ADOS with him.

In the meantime i am really fucking knackered!!

Ineedalife Mon 06-Jun-11 22:52:34

Yep, Dd3 is like this. Someone on here recommended a physio ball and a wobble cushion. They are brilliant she sits/rolls on the ball a lot.And when she is on the wobble cushion she can actually eat a meal without wearing it.

Some children need constant sensory feed back to know where there bodies are in space so they move all the time.

Dd3 also has poor muscle tone and floppy joints so keeping still is actually very tricky for her.

The wobble cushion forces them to balnce themselves with tiny movements so while they are doing tha the rest of them seems to stay still.
Haven't quite worked out why yet but give it a try.

They often have wobble cushions in TKMaxx for a reasonable price or try amazon.

The physio ball is slightly trickier because you need the right size for the child but there is some info on line.

Dd3 makes constant noise to, I have learnt to switch off most of the time but a few weeks ago it nearly drove me barmy when she sang the same line from a song all dayhmm.

Good luck, be kind to yourself and try to take some time outsmile.

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