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ipad, ipod touch or other tablet PC (for DD with s&l disorder)? technical advice needed

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chocjunkie Mon 06-Jun-11 10:38:19

have posted below for some ideas (as I have some money to spend on DD with severe s&l disorder/delay). quite like the music therapy and the touch screen PC ideas.

was looking online last night and got lost on the world of PCs... I am not very clued up about these things (my mobile doesn't even have a camera iyswim blush ).

checked the ipad and find the price rather shock shock shock.
stumbled also across the ipod touch which would be much more affordable but the screen is much smaller. how much of a disadvantage would that be? are there other downsides?

also came across various other tablet PCs which are much cheaper than the apple products but surely there must be a catch somewhere. but where??? confused

would be very grateful if somebody could shed some light on these things for me.


catherinea1971 Mon 06-Jun-11 11:07:08

Hi chocjunkie, I have to say the Ipad is a great tool for any child, my ds (asd s&l disorder) loves his. There are many apps available that are educational and fun for children with various special needs. We did use a ipod touch for ds and it is quite useable although there are more and more apps coming onto the market now that are for the ipad only.
They are pricey but maybe you could try and find an ipad version 1 which should be cheaper or even a reconditioned one, which is what we bought for my 15 yr old dd who now does all of her gcse work on!!!
Another plus I have found with the ipad is we have downloaded a couple of movies for ds which are great when trying to keep him happy and chilled when out and about. They are pretty simple to use, ds was a whiz within minutes with his.
Hope that helpssmile

Marne Mon 06-Jun-11 12:08:24

You can get funding for i-pads through 'family fund' if you are on low income (might be worth looking into), we have tried out the i-pad and a few others, i think the i-pad comes out on top for children with language problems because of the apps you can get (some apps are only available on the i-pad/apple) but if it wasn't for the apps then the tablet would come out on top. It might be worth looking to see what apps you can get for the tablet that could help your dd, the fact it is 'touch screen' will make it a lot easier for her to use than a pc/laptop.

Your dd is still very young so she may beniffit more from the music therapy of a touch screen monitor for your pc? the prices of the i-pad will drop fast as they bring out newer models (same as the i-phone) so by next year they will be a lot more affordable.

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