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Makaton signs for colours and beautiful. Please help!

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annie987 Sun 05-Jun-11 21:24:19

My son is learning a song about colours and I can't find my makaston book with the colours in it.

These are the ones I think I know -

red - running a finger across the lips??
blue - running a finger along the vein on the back (or front?) of the wrist??
orange - squeezing orange at corner of the mouth??
green - holding one arms out like it's a lawn and using the other to cut the grass toward the elbow??
purple - quick combination of red and then blue signs??
yellow - sign for y??

I also need to know 'brown', 'beautiful', 'black' and white and whether signs exist for indigo and violet?

Massive thanks for any help.

farming4 Sun 05-Jun-11 22:02:42

black afaik is flat of the palm brushed from the side of the mouth back towards the ear - almost as if you were brushing something off your face. don't know the others but will watch with interest grin hth

LegoLady95 Sun 05-Jun-11 22:27:08

I think brown is rubbing one wrist between thumb and 1st 2 fingers (thumb on inside wrist). It is a little similar to to the sign for dirty (rubbing both wrists together).
I think you are right on the others, although i was told green was green because of greensleeves (not heard of the mowing the lawn explanation).

annie987 Sun 05-Jun-11 23:07:05

Thanks. I'm sure greensleeves is the correct history behind it - that's just what I say to my kids to help them to remember it!

HarrietJones Mon 06-Jun-11 11:59:43

Purple - flicking P
Black- fist , downward stroke on the cheek
Brown- rub shoulder or rub insides of wrists together ( hands closed)
Beautiful- like the Italian delicious? Finger tips together on lips & 'burst' outwards.

All BSL & hope they make sense!

HarrietJones Mon 06-Jun-11 12:01:01

Oh & White- index finger pointing drawing a line down the cheek OR plucking your top( like at a vest strap?)

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