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Anyone recommend sandals that support?

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lisad123 Sun 05-Jun-11 19:45:47

dd2 has hypomobility and wears pederios and kickers but summers here and would like to get her out if boots where possible. Anyone got some good one? Also anyone recommend a different type of pilmsoles.

Ben10isthespawnofthedevil Sun 05-Jun-11 19:55:48

Would the Kickers sandals be supportive enough?

DS has these from Dr Martens. They are very sturdy and come in girly colours too.

Ben10isthespawnofthedevil Sun 05-Jun-11 19:56:59

This one looks even higher on the foot - would that be more supportive?

Marne Sun 05-Jun-11 20:43:29

Dd1 is wearing birkenstocks, we tried kickers sandals last year on dd2 but they did not fit as well as the boots sad. We also get stuck for plimsoles, maybe a baseball boot instead? Its so hard to find anything supportive but when dd1 has her birkenstocks on her feet look like they are in a better position than most shoes/sandals we have tried and she finds them comfy.

sonora Sun 05-Jun-11 21:51:37

Having the same problem trying to find shoes for ds aged 3 (down's syndrome) Fed up of very sweaty little feet after a day of wearing his piedros. I've tryed him in Clarks summer shoes but not supportive enough and need sandals to come up higher around the ankle. I found these online the other day and as they are fairly cheap I'm going to give them a go!


devientenigma Sun 05-Jun-11 21:53:12

We have bought B these He wears peidro boots but I couldn't put him through the heatwave we are supposed to have wearing boots. He wouldn't be able to wear open back or open toes. Yes he's supposed to wear ankle supports but at the end of the day he doesn't walk that much. There are other colours. He seems to be ok in them when he does walk. HTH x

devientenigma Sun 05-Jun-11 21:54:45

sonora there great but only do small sizes. btw my ds also has ds.

Marne Mon 06-Jun-11 08:32:34

yes, i always find the sandals that go up the ankle only go up to a size 8 (both my dd's are in a 10), i think they assume that only toddlers need extra support around the ankle.

ouryve Mon 06-Jun-11 09:12:57

DS2 actually walks quite well for short distances in his crocs. Not terribly supportive round the ankle, but they have quite good arch support and have the wide sole which stops his feet from rolling all the time. He's terrible in Clarks - just not stable enough for him. He walks in them like he's wearing stilletos.

glittery Mon 06-Jun-11 09:15:46

damn! i just gave away a pair of Piedro sandalstoo!
we get them in the summer and boots in the winter as DS has very sweaty feet!

isw Mon 06-Jun-11 13:17:30

Smart knit and other hiking type socks are very good if you cant find any suitable boots as at least they stop them getting soggy sweaty feet if you know what I mean

devientenigma Mon 06-Jun-11 13:27:27

it doesn't matter when we get new boots, which isn't very regular, he always gets the same in the same colour. I think now and then I have been offered black.

Blu Tue 07-Jun-11 15:40:34

Do you get shoes fom the Orthotics Department? We get a choice fom a catalogue and have sometimes chosen sandals. Ask to see thier catalogues, and if they use orthopaedic brands other than piedros. Duna, for example.

Lougle Tue 07-Jun-11 18:20:27

Hmm...our orthotist simply refuses to order the sandals from the Piedro catalogue. He says they just cannot provide the support for children who need Piedros.

Blu Tue 07-Jun-11 22:02:17

I suppose it might depend on what is suitable for the individual child.

Piedros are in different types, too - support in different directions etc. So I'm not sure people should be passing round second hand onces unless they are exactly the right ones.

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