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ds1 and growling/huffing.......

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Becaroooo Sat 04-Jun-11 17:53:04

...ds1 is nearly 8 and is awaiting a dx - prob dyspraxia/APD/dyslexia/asd.

He loves animal programmes - watches hours of dvds and likes to look at his books too.

Thing is, he mimics the big cats (lions etc) is is always growling/huffing, more so at home than school I think.

(huffing = the noise that big cats make when communicating with each a grunt taken whilst breath out...makes a "huff" sound)

I have lately been asking him to stop - several reasons for this - its really gets on your nerves after a few hours and I worry that he is doing it at school where he will be made fun of for it.

Should I keep asking him to stop or let him carry on?


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