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ethel1 Thu 02-Jun-11 21:57:24

Just read when PIP comes in there will be no more indefinate awards

This means 1), Ive just been told a bloody great lie that my dla is indefinate
2) My dd must be going to suddenly become 'normal' if we can't
have an indefinate award.
3) The goverment just like paper work

smileANDwave2000 Fri 03-Jun-11 11:36:53

all the goalposts are changing and yes a lot of people will probably be removed from getting dla which will make life impossible financially and for getting around scary isnt it my DH has indefinate but from reading the paper on pip i dont think he will get HRM anymore and my DS (ASD and other complex needs) possibly wont either although they are not doing children till later so god knows what ill do as dla pays for our car we cant get about without it but doesnt look like they give a fig my DH and possibly anyone on indefinate (as it wont exsist)who are already living on the breadline will be basically destitute . im so scared i cant save for a car and when on Motorbility and going back to owning and paying for a car yourself the insurance will go through the roof as when on motorbility the no claims doesnt count its like starting all over again sad

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