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Quick Q: do you need dx to get statement?

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oodlesofdoodles Thu 02-Jun-11 20:13:13

We are meeting Ed Psych for the first time in 10 days. DS is still on ADOS waiting list - probably another four months for that. I'm wondering whether DS would be eligible for statement in the meantime. If he doesn't pass/fail the ADOS, ie he's 'only' got PDD or SLI would he be eligible for a statement?

Feel fobbed off so far whenever I try to talk to professionals, so hoping to arm myself with a bit of ammo from the MN parent experts.

bochead Thu 02-Jun-11 20:27:41

Nope - a statement is defined on NEED in order to access the curriculum, not diagnosis. I strongly rec that you take a look at the IPSEA website as they have some great specimen letters.

The tricky bit is defining what constitutes a "need" in lea speak and gathering evidence to support that "need". Here's a couple of examples off the top of my head to support what I'm saying.

1. Ed physc says kid is of "normal" intellect but attainment levels are much lower than the "normal" child of the same age. So your kid is on p levels or level 1 when all their peers at the end of key stage 2 are expected to hit level 2ish. Or the ed pysch says your child is a genius but is only achieving the average.
2. Your child has a temporary exclusion on their record for a reason you believe could have been prevented had proper support been in place. This is most effective for young kids.
3. Your child has a physical impairment that means they can't access lessons in the usual way (deaf, in a wheelchair & the ICT room is upstairs etc)
4. Your child gets upset so often in school that half the teacher's time is spent comforting your child instead of instructing the whole class and you feel that an extra adult would mean there should be someone on hand to prevent becoming so upset they can't learn and that the rest of the children would be able to continue lessons uninterrupted.
5. Despite intervention x, y & z already tried by the school and funded by the your child is still having significant difficulties and you'd like the authorty to assess what extra help they think may be needed as the school are all out of ideas/funding to try next. This one is I think the most important for a successful application.

oodlesofdoodles Thu 02-Jun-11 20:44:07

Thanks Bochead, IPSEA looks useful.
We are in Scotland where SN provision (Additional Support for Learning) seems to be much meaner. The equivalent of a Statement is a Co-ordinated Support Package, but I understand that the need has to be much greater. Which is really frustrating because I can see DS's need escalating over the years if we don't do something drastic now.
Anyway, it's useful to know what the position is in England and put some moral pressure on them, even if it carries no legal weight.

PoopyFingers Sat 18-Jun-11 18:28:15

Oodles - will PM you later. Been meaning to for ages and ages, but am swamped / drowning in it all just now...

bdaonion Sat 18-Jun-11 19:15:56

Hi not in Scotland so not sure how it works, but my DD got a statement for SLI. I put a lot of emphasis on hiw the curriculum/teaching style would need to differentiated for her needs - visual/experiential learner.

Triggles Sat 18-Jun-11 19:29:17

Not in Scotland here either, but DS2 just got his statement (awaiting final next week) and he doesn't have an official dx yet. Definitely not needed. Need is what counts.

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