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sleep deprived eeg - anyone experience?

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chocjunkie Thu 02-Jun-11 15:00:00

has anyone had a sleep deprived EEG for their DC ? we have one next month for DD (3) to rule out a certain type of epilepsy which can cause s&l problems.

how is it done? do they only recored the stage where they are asleep or also the falling-asleep stage.

DD is a terrible sleeper and always struggles to fall asleep. she also doesn't like when people touch her etc. combing her hair is a daily battle. how do they fix the little sensors to their head? can't quite see how this is supposed to work with DD hmm.


cheeryface Thu 02-Jun-11 16:55:11

ds2 has had 3 eeg tests , one sleep deprived . in our case this one was with a private hospital and we were told to try to keep him awake all night and turn up for the appointment at 10am the next morning hmm if he fell asleep they said we could leave him a couple of hours max and then wake him (easier said than done)
when we got there they attached the electrodes with some sort of paste (i think) it didnt hurt him at all and hes really fussy and head sore. they then had him lie on the bed , dimmed the lights and started recording. he fell asleep and they woke him up after about 20 minutes . that was it. removing the electrodes was also painless and fine.
recently he had another one where he had to come home with it for 24 hours. that one wasnt so good because they glued the electrodes on so they wouldnt come off whilst in bed etc and we could not get the glue out afterwards...just wash it out they chance ! it wasnt glue they used on the other.
if this is the kind DD is having i would suggest you ask them about getting the glue out as everyone had gone home when we phoned later for advice with ds2 screaming from the bathroom upstairs !
i should think it will be fine if you are justr staying at the hospital.

chocjunkie Thu 02-Jun-11 17:05:24

thanks cheeryface smile

how do you keep a toddler awake all night?

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