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Secondary school for A.s.d West lothian and Falkirk Area scotland in general?

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Jennylee Wed 01-Jun-11 19:01:11

I know about James young and thier unit in Livingston, st kents in Blackburn and their base, apparently there is one in Falkirk, can't find it. where else? does anyone know? see lot on autistic society site but is mostly primary, where do they go once they reach 12. i have been told my son won't get into the livingston one as only 3 places so shoudl find ones outwith the area to apply a request for, where are they? seen searching online and it isn't clear. Does anyone know? some might be residential but he coudl go during the day and be transported. Will be talking to Enquire tomorrow re tribunal and thing.

tabulahrasa Wed 01-Jun-11 20:40:00

There's one in Grangemouth, don't let the area put you off, I was really impressed by it, go see it.

Depending on how severe his support needs are, I'm guessing not too bad if they were the reccomended two... But there's cedarbank in Livingston as well.

I'm not sure where else there is, but I'll try to find out for you.

tabulahrasa Wed 01-Jun-11 20:41:58

Oh west Calder has a small support base as well, which might suit him if he'd mostly be in mainstream.

glittery Wed 01-Jun-11 21:25:30

think the only school in Falkirk is the Falkirk Day unit?

Jennylee Wed 01-Jun-11 22:00:45

Today there was an I.A.M>s meeting and I am waiting for Sork or something to reject my placing request for james young, part mainstream is no use as he needs as much not mainstream as possible, may have to start in aminstream sink and then do something, I have to find out where else to apply he is 12 ans quite agressive violent if teased or slighted or jostles, stared at laughed at si easily led like you woudl nto believe has all the sensory problems too, I'm in a black hope smile tabulahrasa I saw u mention the falkirk on another thread, I hope if we go to tribunal he will somehow get a place at james young, as their unit can be separate from mainstream got diagnosis a few weeks ago so is all to late everyting being done at last minute thanks for the replies.

Jennylee Wed 01-Jun-11 22:02:30

he is starting at community high in livi in august unles i do something, all involved think this would be a bad thing including that high school, although they are nice and are trying to help.

Jennylee Wed 01-Jun-11 22:05:13

he should not be in mainstream as much as possible was the gist of things, one mentioned a day school where he woudl be transported out of the county, I am thinking they must have meant falkirk

tabulahrasa Wed 01-Jun-11 23:08:56

ah, Grangemouth is very much trying to get them into mainstream, but well supported - that was what I liked about it, lol

Have you been in touch with them? They're good, really helpful, friendly, and usually can find what you want to know and put you in touch with the right people.

That's run by the ASL people at the council (they did say they were going to put school information up, but it looks like they haven't)
It gives you Alison Raeburn's number at the bottom, she should be able to help you as well (at least with the West Lothian provision)

Here's the HMIE reports for Pinewood and Cedarbank

Were they not mentioned to you at all?

Jennylee Wed 01-Jun-11 23:30:55

thank you I need to phone signpost and enquire, I have actually adressed my placing request to alison and spoken to her, i think pinewood and cedarbank for for primary kids no one mentioned them. Are u in my area? you seem very knowledgeable. thank you we ahd the I.A.M today and i'm a bit shell shocked of how bad things are.

tabulahrasa Thu 02-Jun-11 00:20:56

They both do primary and secondary, some pupils go there all the way through and some go there and then to mainstream for secondary and vice versa and they are geared towards children where mainstream's really not an option, but should still be able to deliver the curriculum and qualifications.

They might not be suitable, but definitely worth a look.

Aye, I'm in West Lothian, I have a 15 yr old with Asperger's and I trained as a teacher (didn't go on to teach though as I found it too hard with balancing my children and the workload), which is how I know some of the schools, lol, some of them because I know other parents...

Signpost are well worth talking to, just in general to be honest, lol - especially if you've just had a load of information dumped on you with no warning.

I know one of Alison Raeburn's roles is to provide advocacy, so if requested she can attend meetings with you, to help you, that is in theory though, because I'm not sure how much notice she needs - but there's also someone else that does that too. So if you think you'd find that helpful, ask, there's nothing worse than attending meetings and being given so much information that you can't use any of it because it doesn't sink in, especially when it's all new to you.

Good luck

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