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I should have know better.

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alfiemama Wed 01-Jun-11 17:06:40

Today has been a bad day.
I took ds (6 asd) along with ds (4 nt) and dd (6months nt) to..... drum roll, bubble and bounce (basically millions of bouncy castles and loud music. Ds hates loud music, its the enemy.

It obviously resulted in a massive meltdown and me crying all afternoon, after being called every name under the son.
Why on earth do I keep trying to push the boundaries? How do you go to these events so that you're nt kids don't miss out?

I'm also upset because today highlighted I am on my own. I have no support, other than hubby who is at work. Friends came with us with their nt children and their grandparents (to help them) unfortunately I have no support network, my parents are not interested and hubby's father lives too far away.

I'm sorry I just really needed to rant, feel like ds is getting worse, more and more violent, keeps bullying ds2 and seems manic at times, the rest of the time his eyes are just blank if that makes sense.

I feel awful ranting. I know there are people far worse off from us and I love my kiddies to pieces, just a bad day. Half term wobbles. sad

Marne Wed 01-Jun-11 18:01:05

So sorry you had a bad day but well done for going and trying it (you are braver than me), does your ds have ear defenders? we have found them a god send for dd2, she hates loud music and background noise, we are off to our 2nd noisy party on friday with the ear defenders (we couldn't go without them). We dont go to many events but we are going to try a 'family fun day' at the church on friday morning (before the party), mainly because i want the dd's to meet some of the children in the village before they start the school in september and for me to make friends (which is hard when you have children with sn's). Go easy on yourself, half term is always hard work and i also find it lonley sad, hope you have a better day tomorrow xxx

alfiemama Wed 01-Jun-11 23:27:33

Thanks Marne.
Just had some news that shocked me to the core but explains why my mum has been avoiding us, she has Leukemia. Im just in shock. Not sure what to do or say.

No we havent tried ear defenders but will try.

starfishmummy Wed 01-Jun-11 23:51:53

Alfie - no idea what to say, have a big hug.

alfiemama Wed 01-Jun-11 23:59:28

Thanks star, appreciate it. Were just waiting on some blood test results and then we will know more. I love my mum so much, gutted.

mariamagdalena Thu 02-Jun-11 08:31:14

Just saw your update, wanted to say hope things get better. There are various types of adult leukaemia, will cross fingers for a more friendly variety.

Re half term: the trouble with never trying the nightmare outings, is missing the chances to do stuff they could handle. And cos that changes all the time, we're bound to err occasionally.

alfiemama Thu 02-Jun-11 10:52:19

Thanks Maria.
Apparently she has had it while, she changed Dr's and they assumed she knew and when she went about a sore Jaw they mentioned it. shock

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