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Children With Disabilities Team for ASD

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mompa Wed 01-Jun-11 11:08:21

Hello - does anyone have experiences of dealing with Children With Disabilities Team and how can they help? Have self reffered in order to try and get help with putting up fence around front garden to keep DS safebut am now a bit worries about their involement - not really sure what they do? Do they provided dIrect payments and could this be used to fund ABA? Any advise much appreciated

signandsmile Wed 01-Jun-11 18:36:54

what they can do will depend in part on how the team is made up, if it's multi-disciplinary team will be SWs and OT's and somtimes LD nurses, can also be other professions too.

If it is a SW team then they will do assessments (children with disabilities are 'children in need' under the Children Act, this is different from Child Protection work which is about Children 'at risk' (of what is termed 'Significant Harm'). And (if you meet their service threshold) they can provide services or funding for you to buy those service in yourself (ie direct payments). All hinges on the assessment, They may also control access to other services such as specialist groups, and short breaks or 'respite'. They should also offer and complete Carers Assessments.


Anna85 Thu 02-Jun-11 20:34:56

Mompa - I was only thinking the same today as our OT has referred us for the same reason as my DS is getting over the fences etc as its one he can put his feet into (ring fencing) but was worried it would be a reflection on parenting etc as they said it came under "Social Services"!! And most people think Social Services as a negative!

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