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Potty training with Hyrsprungs disease

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stressedmum2 Mon 30-May-11 20:16:42

don't know if this Is the write section my ds is 3.5 trying to potty train with not much luck he was born with hd and had to have 5cm of bowel removed. Has sometimes 6 or 7 bm a day and Gets really sore. Would be interested to hear if anyone been through anything similar

pottynursey Wed 01-Jun-11 11:16:39

Hi Stressedmum - I am a paed nurse who specialises in bladder/bowel problems. Is he on a bowel training programme ?? Delayed bowel control affects many kids with hd as the nerve supply to their bottom is affected - is he on any medication? You need to check if he is soiling so much because he is bunged up - he will then need laxtive treatment or soiling because the poo goes through his bowel too quickly when something like imodium may help
I am away from tomorrow for the next few weeks but if you want any more advice do give me a ring at the charity where I work - PromoCon 0161 607 8219 and I will speak to you when I get back or send an email to :-)

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