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Hourly Rate for Nanny (inc DS with ASC)

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SaleoftheCentury Mon 30-May-11 14:29:39

I am thinking of recruiting a nanny to help with some childcare duties and possibly train up to do some ABA with DS1 (3.10, ASC). I know some of you have employed nannies in the past or recruited people from Just wondering what rate they charged you for working with a child with ASD or similar conditions.

I am not down south so am not talking london rates!!


smugtandemfeeder Mon 30-May-11 15:09:31

watching with interest

rebl Mon 30-May-11 15:57:01

Watching with interest as well.

silverfrog Mon 30-May-11 17:10:27

we have used nannies/mothers helps beofre.

both as ABA tutors (ie employed for x hours a week) and also recently had a live-in nanny, who we trained up in "ABA ways" - dd1 now at ABA school, and dd2 started at pre-school, so was not so much the use as an ABA tutor, but obviously, anyone who works with dd1 needs ot be well versed in how we handle her etc.

so, going back a bit, we have had:

a mother's help/general purpose student, who was dd1's ABA tutor. she was paid £10/hour.

an ABA tutor, who did the odd bit of general purpose mother's help stuff. she got £8/hour.

and the nanny we had was on about £18k/year - live in, 50 hour week plus 2 evenings babysitting. all childcare duties - food, washing, tidying etc, as well as school runs, and general playing with/childcare. standard nanny stuff.

we didn't pay the nanny more because dd1 is ASD - you can end up paying a whole lot more, especially if you go via SNAP agency etc - but mostly what we are asking is normal nannying (albeit "normal" for younger children, maybe) plus a little extra personal help, so it is attitude that is important to us (ie not someone who will look at dd and think "hmm, you're 6, you shoud be doign X,Y,Z") not experience of ASD as such (since we will train up to be well versed in our habits, and in dd1, etc)

used2bthin Mon 30-May-11 17:13:12

I am down south, not London but still may be higher depending on where you are. Here most ads have been £10 per hour after tax (employer pays tax on top). I have seen ads for £8 or £12 p/h too though. There used to be an agency for nannies for children with SN called SNAP but I am not sure if it still exists? Will be looking it up now as its something I'd be interested in doing once my Dd is at school.

saltyseadog Mon 30-May-11 19:58:21

We have had two nannies through SNAP, both of whom have been wonderful (make it three if you count our temp nanny). I would strongly suggest speaking to SNAP even if you choose not to use them going forward (I don't work for SNAP btw - I'm just a very happy customer).

r3dh3d Mon 30-May-11 20:27:21

Totally depends on local rates but ime SN nannies aren't more expensive than mainstream ones, there are just less of them on the market.

It will also depend on whether it's live in/live out, and what the hours are. But you can get a fair idea eg from the Nannytax annual wage survey.

SNAP is very much alive and kicking. They tend to be more focussed on London and the SE though.

SaleoftheCentury Tue 31-May-11 20:26:09

thanks for your replies, looks like the general nanny rate up North is £7.50 - £8.50 per hour tho some recent college graduates and students are asking for much less. I have advertised and had a couple of replies so fingers crossed I can recruit someone soon.

silver I know (have namechanged from dcgirl) you mentioned you have had nannies/mothers help in the past so am grateful for your reply. I am looking for a combination of mothers help, babysitting, nannying and potential ABA tutor!! I have been putting it off but know it will make life a bit less chaotic so need to get a move on with it now.

silverfrog Tue 31-May-11 20:58:40

the way I always appproach it is to look for someone who (obviously) doesn't mind SN, who is interested in you/your child/your set up, and who is interested in learning.

that's it, really.

the ABA bit I provided as "this is the way we deal with X behaviours", and of course nanny/tutor/mothers help attended consultant days.

I didn't always have a lot of success by advertising for an ABA position, iyswim? only found one decent tutor that way.

but have found lots of lovely people who are keen to help out, and interested to learn.

good luck smile

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