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have just seen DH giving DS the wrong dose..................

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devientenigma Mon 30-May-11 09:59:29

..............waiting for NHS direct to phone back.

Triggles Mon 30-May-11 11:04:24

everything ok?

devientenigma Mon 30-May-11 11:13:12

just have to watch for side effects.

devientenigma Mon 30-May-11 11:13:22

thanks for asking.

siblingrivalry Mon 30-May-11 11:26:50

Oh no, hope he's okay x

silverfrog Mon 30-May-11 11:30:05

oh how worrying - hope all is ok, dev.

Triggles Mon 30-May-11 11:31:47

hope he's alright. must be worrying for you to have to wait and watch. sorry

devientenigma Tue 31-May-11 16:48:34

Thanks everyone, he seems fine but has refused to take it today.

justaboutWILLfinishherthesis Tue 31-May-11 16:52:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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