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Advice Needed - Been told today 12 yr old DS has Selective Mutism & Autistic Tendancies

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MrsIncredible23 Sat 28-May-11 07:59:51

DS went through Primary School with minimal verbal communication, some temper tantrums and bad behaviour in class & playground but otherwise successful accademically. No real friends after Yr 3 and a single observation from a Ed Psych found no issues he transferred to Secondary School we felt successfully (for him) and had a good first 2 terms - even making new friends and generally enjoying going to school - although he was bullied and didn't always participate fully in lessons.

School have really cracked down over last few weeks with him complying and have been questioning why none of his 'issues' were picked up and dealt with in Primary School.

He has now been suspended for a second time in 2 weeks and after an observation by another Ed Pysch it is being suggested that he has Selective Mutism (the possibility of which I had raised before) and has Autistic tendancies.

Where do I go for support for DS & for us as a family.

bochead Sat 28-May-11 08:28:02

Ask for an ados assesment at your GP or a DISCO if this will be quicker. WHICH autistc traits (there are so MANY it's scary)?

Phone the EP and ask her which specific traits were observed as then you can start to prioritise what to work on at home iykwim.

The NAS will be able to advise you of what local support may be available. The local support groups can be fantastic for signposting you through the maze of your local health service etc.

dolfrog Mon 30-May-11 00:01:04

you may find this 2010 research paper useful
Refining the Classification of Children with Selective Mutism: A Latent Profile Analysis

I have an online PubMed Selective Mutism research paper collection and a PubMed Autism research paper collection, both of which are listed on my Invisible Disability research paper collections web page which may provide some more useful information

IndigoBell Mon 30-May-11 07:10:53

You need to go to your GP. And get a referral to a prof. EPs aren't qualified to dx ASD and I don't think they're qualified to dx selective mutism either (though they might be)

It differs area to area but DS needs to be seen by either a child development paed or by CAMHS.

This is the absolute first thing to do, but it will take time for the referral.

In the mean time while you are waiting make an a ppt with the SENCO and ask what school are going to do for him. School will have lots of exp with ASD and know all sorts of things. They also have a ASD specialist they can ask advice from. And a SALT who I guess would help with the selective mutism.

If he's been suspended twice then it is a huge problem at school - and therefore they have to come up with strategies to help him at school.

Does he need to go to a supervised lunchtime club?
Does he need to be able to leave the class when he gets stressed?

What recommendations did the EP make?

MrsIncredible23 Sun 05-Jun-11 16:11:17

Thanks for the advice. The EP's report arrived yesterday which makes for interesting reading. She has suggested further professional input re the possibility of selective mutism and/or social communication & interaction difficulty. However having visited our GP a few days ago it seem our local CAHMS is in total disarray and is unlikely to be able to assist, however he will refer to paediatrician but there is long wait.

I have briefly met with the school's SENCO before 1/2 term but will make another appt as ASD was not mentioned at that point.

@IndigoBell - your point about the school having to come up with strategies to help him - I'm wondering how much they have to do - they have recently converted to Acadamy status - and I'm getting the impression that all of this is just too much trouble for them.

Arrangements have been made for him to have a safe, quiet place to go if he needs to leave the class and some lunchtime activities have been planned but all in all I'm dreading him returning to school tomorrow.

There is no NAS local support group but have found details for a Parent Partnership who I shall be ringing first thing Monday.

Keeping my chin up smile

Nigel1 Sun 05-Jun-11 19:41:53

Make contact with the EP and say in words of one syalble that you reguard the school as having been put on notice by virtue of the EPs report that child has those conditions and you will now expect and require the schhol to take due account of that when cosndiering any future action. You have now read the Equality Act and consider that their actions may be discriminatory. Clearly given that the child has been ftxed x 2 there is an urgent requirement for a multidiscipilinary meeting to support the child and you.
Contact the Com Ped and say that child has been FTX x2 and likely to be again. Need an urgent appointment and at the same time get appointments set up for SALT and OT. If you can afford it get private reports as the quality will normally be better than NHS report.

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