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Diet and for hyper behaviour

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clare40 Fri 27-May-11 11:10:07

My lovely ds has a tendency to get very hyper. His concentration is good, but as he is starting school soon I am getting a little concerned about this excitability. Therefore, I was wondering if it's his diet (as he is not hyper all the time). I was thinking of going to a nutritionist who does allergy testing, has anyone else done this? Has it helped? Or can you recommend one?

Many thanks

blueShark Fri 27-May-11 11:19:45

DS (4.11) was very hyper when younger and I changed him from cow milk to soya which made a huge difference but beware of soya as it may cause alergies and other problems so introduce it slowly. The omega 3 helped the concentration and hyperactivity further. Biggest difference we noticed since we started the Retained Reflexes therapy so now he is at his best behaviour.

There were times I was so worried he would never sit down at school and story time, he would never sit down for meals, he was on the go during all the 12-13 hours awake unless we were in the car.

Have not done alergy testing but have it booked for June however have done urine screening [ here] that showed milk and gluten should be avoided...Have only avoided cows milk and sugary things really and still saw a difference.

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