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asdx2 Wed 25-May-11 12:36:33

On Friday ds will be leaving the wonderful unit where he has been a member for the past five years.

At the end of each year I always send wine, flowers and chocs for the head and each of the TAs and intend to do the same on Friday.

However because ds will be leaving for good I was going to put a donation to the unit inside my letter of thanks for the Head and TAs to use as they see fit maybe equipment, or extras or an outing perhaps so long as it benefits the unit I don't care tbh as a thank you and to remember ds.

Now do you think the unit would be ok with that or would they prefer to have the donation split between them personally? (difficult because some have a lot more input into ds than others and I don't want to offend)

Don't want to buy a specific item as I don't know what's needed so it will have to be cash donation really.Any thoughts?

MadameSin Wed 25-May-11 12:42:30

I think a donation made towards the actual unit for equipment etc is a brilliant idea. A card to sat 'thank you' will suffice for the staff. I think they would be really appreciative of your gesture and it would be something that they could make 'real' use out of. Lovely idea smile

smileANDwave2000 Wed 25-May-11 12:49:25

id still send the wine flowers n choc as this is always so well appreciated isnt it and nice and personal and ask the head in person if there was something specific within affordable boundaries of course you could buy for them or would they just prefer a donation they may be saving dilligently for something specific and would be extremely gratefull , i run a charity myself and id love someone to ask me this im sure they would be very pleased given the option

asdx2 Wed 25-May-11 12:57:05

Yes will definitely send the wine flowers and chocs as I always do. Didn't want to have to shop really as I have a feeling it will be a specific item they want and if I'm honest don't have the time really. Was just going to put a wad of cash in the envelope and say use this however you want as a token of my appreciation and maybe think of ds as you spend,Asdx2 xx

starfishmummy Wed 25-May-11 13:04:28

I think its a lovely idea. Would you be able but i would you do a cheque rather than the wad of cash though?

starfishmummy Wed 25-May-11 13:06:17

Oops. Just thinking a cheque would be better.

asdx2 Wed 25-May-11 15:51:46

Yes cheque wouldn't be a problem

asdx2 Fri 27-May-11 13:54:36

Well sent the donation to the head today. He was hugely grateful and they will be purchasing a substantial bit of kit as a permanent reminder of ds and letting me know of the details when they have it.He was very touched and surprised so it's made my day smile

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