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ABA tutor costs

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staryeyed Fri 13-May-11 15:22:40

have been quoted £25 an hour for an ABA tutor in North London our current tutor with the same experience charger £17 can anyone tell me what the norm is

leiela Fri 13-May-11 15:27:18

Whats does ABA stand for sorry? still not sure of all the abbreviations

sickofsocalledexperts Fri 13-May-11 15:34:14

£25 for a tutor is quite a lot, I used to pay that for a supervisor (mind you, that same supervisor has now put rates up to £35). £17 an hour makes more sense to me for just a tutor. Trouble is , if they're good, they can charge what they like! But I would barter

staryeyed Fri 13-May-11 15:38:18

ABA is applied behavioural analyses- therapy for ds with asd.

graciousenid Fri 13-May-11 15:39:48

goodness that's a lot, we pay our lead/supervisor less than that! I'm outside London but have paid £9-15/hour depending on experience.

asulikeit Fri 13-May-11 16:28:41

Hi There
We live in north London. We paid £12 a few years ago . This included travel costs . Sorry £25 seems excessive if this is the case should't you get the lea to support it

PoopyFingers Sat 14-May-11 15:31:12

I was quoted £55 per hour recently hmm

We took it no further as we are broke.

Can you get your LEA to pay a therapist's fees? I am now considering training myself in ABA, but am drowning in stuff and concerned at just how much input I can realistically do.

StarlightMcKenzie Sat 14-May-11 15:53:50

There's no standard. I have paid anything from £7 per hour to £24.

My experience has taught me that the £18 per hour tutor with 15 years experience and an MSc from Bangor was worth every penny and selling herslef short, whilst the £24 an hour was a charleton that bigged herself up, and the £7 per hour bright but inexperienced 19yr old worth every penny and earned her payrise to £8 per hour.

It's unregulated and unaccountable. It's a disaster quite frankly and the sooner there is more structure and regulation the better.

PoopyFingers Sat 14-May-11 15:57:52

I would avoid anyone who has qualified via distance / online learning - surely this training really needs practical supervision and assessment?

sky111 Sat 14-May-11 20:06:28

Can anyone recommend an ABA/VB consultant who also incorporates Direct Instruction and Precision teaching for a school based program? Anyone using Direct Instruction either in school or as Home Program? If Moondog reads this, I would like your suggestions.

BialystockandBloom Sat 14-May-11 21:15:44

I would say £25ph is the absolute maximum I would pay for a tutor - and they'd have to be a lead tutor/supervisor (with the required hours needed to qualify as a supervisor) to justify that rate.

Sometimes it's pot luck - we've got two tutors on £15ph (we did negotiate) who are amazing. Had another previously for £20ph who was much more experienced but no better really as an actual tutor. Ended up firing him as he was totally unreliable.

poopyfingers £55ph for a tutor shock shock

working9while5 Sat 14-May-11 22:09:15

Wow, when I was first a tutor in the UK in 2002 I got paid £5 an hour! And I had a full year's experience in an ABA school at that stage!

salter Sat 14-May-11 23:22:19

Wow. I earned £8 an hour in London as an ABA tutor. I don't think it was enough though, But £25 seems very excessive to me.

working9while5 Sat 14-May-11 23:36:05

I don't get anywhere near £25 an hour now as a Highly Specialist SALT completing an MSc. I have a good salary but I think I get about £17-18 an hour (gross)? An SALT starting out would be on about £10, I think?

Maybe it's time to go back to ABA! shock

staryeyed Sun 15-May-11 12:45:52

Are any of you in London? I know it varies lots across the country.

I told her "no way" and has now come back with £20. Still seems like a lot. She has says she has a lot of experience but a very vague cv no mention of who she has been trained by.

When you hire tutors do you ask for and check their references and employment history.

My current tutor was trained by a well known organisation so her employment was relatively straight forward. She is very good and well worth her rate. I would resent paying more for someone who wouldn't have the same quality of training.

ds goes to full time school his ABA is on top if that- live in a very tight borough. We are looking to change his placement but that is a different thread!

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 15-May-11 12:48:53

I'm just north of North London. Have got through a number of North London Tutors some of whom have not been up to scratch with hiked rates of pay. PM if you want to discuss.

sickofsocalledexperts Sun 15-May-11 12:53:21

I am in London and £20 is not totally unheard of for a tutor with years of experience. The main thing is to take up reference with two other mums she has worked for, I find that's where you get the real truth (not just one, as some mums become pals with tutors and lose objectivity). Technically the ABA tutors should have BACB or BcABA qualificiations, but often the best people I've worked with haven't had that, but have had instead years of experience. But if that's the case, they ought to be able to come up with two mums' phone numbers for you to use as references.

graciousenid Sun 15-May-11 12:59:51

I'd expect her to be able to tell you who she has had training from & if she's 'very experienced' I'd want references from families. I've only employed two tutors who weren't complete newbies - we took up references from consultants & families they'd worked (not entirely foolproof - one turned out be excellent the other was a disaster - both charged 15/hour).

working9while5 Sun 15-May-11 16:01:22

Are tutors expected to have BACB qualifications or is that mainly supervisors? How common would it be for tutors to have these (e.g. working under a consultant/supervisor etc)?

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 15-May-11 16:22:45

None of mine ever did. In fact not even my consultant had one of those!

graciousenid Sun 15-May-11 17:09:45

none of mine have

sickofsocalledexperts Sun 15-May-11 18:14:39

None of my 3 supervisors had BACB, and only the consultant I used most recently. But it's a lottery as you can have loads of experience but not much brainpower. That's why consultling the other mums is important.

Shomma789 Thu 21-May-15 14:09:00

Can I please hav the email address or any sort of contact for the tutor. I am trying to find tutor and consultant for my son.
Kind regards

theDudesmummy Fri 22-May-15 17:36:02

We are in London and pay 20 for lead tutor and 15 for the others. The amounts some people seem to be charging are astonishing. But given the massive shortage of tutors I suppose I can see how it can happen

theDudesmummy Fri 22-May-15 17:37:38

Ps the one we pay 20 has extensive CV and is ex-Treehouse School.

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