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microwave safety

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baka Sun 06-Nov-05 10:40:42

ok put this elsewhere but may get more luck here.

Ds1's latest obsession is the microwave. Sticking his head in it, putting things in it (including metals) and now turning it on. He can plug it in.

So how can I secure it? Lockable luggage strap?

WigWamBam Sun 06-Nov-05 10:44:51

I don't know if you saw it but I posted a link here . Put Microwave into the search box.

baka Sun 06-Nov-05 10:47:11

thanks wwb- replied, i don't think they'd be ds1 proof

dinny Sun 06-Nov-05 10:48:38

can you put it up high on a wall bracket, Baka?

baka Sun 06-Nov-05 10:50:43

He'd climb up on it dinny. When he's not putting things in the microwave he's on top of the fridge freezer- or as of this week trying to climb on the top of the dresser.

dinny Sun 06-Nov-05 10:54:00

blimey, you really have your work cut out, Baka.
can I ask what his diagnosis (?) is? not sure if that's the right term...?

zippitippitoes Sun 06-Nov-05 10:54:07

just posted on the other thread

could you consider getting a new microwave with a child safety feature factory supplied?

There are a lot available

mysticmoo Sun 06-Nov-05 11:12:15

I know he can do plugs - but what about unplugging it and using those socket covers? Some of them are really stiff and hard to get out. Sorry if that's no good.

baka Sun 06-Nov-05 15:36:23

agh wriote a reply then ds1 turned the computer off (another favourite trick). He's out now with dh.

Thought about socket covers but ds1 is very very interested in plugs in general atm and I can see hikm getting a knife or something to prise them off- thought they may be more of a dnager. Have also seen a socket lock thing at B and Q, but plastic and designed for toddlers - I think ds1 would be into it in 2 seconds.

I didn't know you could get lockable doors built in, may be the way to go, although he's getting pretty good at working out how to work electrical items (like bread machines grrr) so may not be ds1 proof- will look into that though- probably our best bet. Yet more expense ....sigh...

He's severely autistic dinny, non-verbal, but pretty inventive!

pixel Mon 07-Nov-05 01:53:48

He keeps you on your toes doesn't he? My ds kept playing with the microwave but we only had to unplug it and he lost interest because he can't see the plug behind it and hasn't figured it out yet. I wonder if you could go to a good electrical shop and ask if there is such a thing as a lockable box to cover sockets?

The only other suggestion I have is something I saw on (I would do a link if I wasn't so thick). It's a socket cover that has an alarm if the child pulls it out so at least you know he is playing with it. I realise this might make it even more interesting for him, especially if it makes you come running, but thought it might give him a fright, depending on how loud it is and how tolerant he is of noise.

baka Mon 07-Nov-05 07:38:16

i ended up taping an empty wipe box oer the bread machne plug last night (with heavy duty duck tape) as he kept flicking the switch when I wastrying to cook his bread. grrr

Davros Mon 07-Nov-05 18:46:23

Hmmmm, we had a lot of these problems in the past. Funnily enough DS was never interested in the microwave, lucky me! I did get a box thing that goes over sockets and sort-of clips shut with the leads coming out of the bottom, you then have the plug turned on or off. DS still can't open it. Can't think for the life of me where I got it though I know its no help, but he just grew out of most of it, even the climbing although I think that's partly because he got too big and heavy although he's very agile. Instead of climbing and jumping off things he now bunny hops all the time, very amusing in the middle of a supermarket aisle!

Janh Mon 07-Nov-05 18:56:38

Might it help if you had them hard-wired into the wall with a remote switch? Our under-cupboard lights are like that.

WhizzzBangWhizzz Mon 07-Nov-05 19:08:26

is this any good?

these may be better

Davros Mon 07-Nov-05 20:04:45

Socket Safe is the thing I'm talking about

baka Mon 07-Nov-05 20:12:26

I think I'm going to have to get a job lot of socket safe. In typical ds1 fashion once he's cracked it he's cracked it and he can now plug the computer into an extension lead, plug the extension lead into the wall, turn on the computer, put various things in the trash and press delete.

A few weeks ago not plugging something in foiled him.

Davros am about to email you re the weekend.

FatallyFlawed Tue 05-Jul-16 15:11:55

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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