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Yet another PROUD thread.. can't find the other!!

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eidsvold Thu 25-Sep-03 18:43:50

Two firsts in two days...

yesterday dd surprised her nursery worker ( laura) by standing up from sitting at the dinner table. Laura thought the other nurser had helped her to stand - nope little miss cheeky decided that she wanted to stand rather than sit at the dinner table. She is doing really well with standing - particularly with little support.

Today along with a brilliant smile for the nurery nurses - they got a wave goodbye. Ever so cute....

made me realise how much she has come on in less than a month in nursery.....

doormat Thu 25-Sep-03 18:47:00

brilliant news eidsvold, you must be chuffed to bits

fio2 Thu 25-Sep-03 19:20:18

She is doing really well eidsvold I am so pleased for you as all, you must be soooo chuffed

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