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eidsvold Thu 25-Sep-03 18:36:49

Just curious as to whether you have been told about a special suit they are promoting for childrenw ith cp - from my limited understanding it helps build up strength etc whilst giving support.

Just wondering as a colleague of mine whose little one has cp ( amongst other things) has been recommended this and as they are quite expensive - we are holding a fundraiser to hopefully raise enough to cover the cost of the suit.

lou33 Thu 25-Sep-03 18:59:58

Ooh a thread for me!

Eidsvold I haven't actually been told about them, but have heard of them. I will talk to the pt about it though. Thanks!

MABS Thu 25-Sep-03 19:01:09

Eidsvold - is this the 'lycra dynamic suit' or am i totally mad?

Davros Thu 25-Sep-03 19:15:16

The OT suggeted "tight fitting lycra suit" for my ASD son (for sensory feedback I think) and gave me a contact to get info. If anyone wants, I'll dig it out. Must admit, I did laugh when I fist read it, visualising him going around everywhere in this skin tight suit

fio2 Thu 25-Sep-03 19:21:13


chatee Thu 25-Sep-03 20:53:52

i heard about this type of suit last year at the kidz up north conference(all sorts of companies together under one roof specifically aimed at children with disabilities)it was very interesting and well worth the visit.....i was put off by the p/t and orthotist due to dd having excema and the heat of the suit/body might aggravate it, but have recently considered requesting a discussion for the plusses/minusses of smaller suit on pelvis downwards only.
don't want to be seen to be promoting but the kidz up north conference is held in Bolton Reebok Stadium sometime in November(have exact details if anyone is interested)and we as a family are definetly going(even though it's a nearly 3 hour drive and i will be 6 months pregnant!!!)

lou33 Thu 25-Sep-03 21:05:40

Chatee how are you? Everything going well with the pg?

Davros Thu 25-Sep-03 21:35:00

Does everyone know that the Special Needs exhibition is currently on at Olympia? Today, tomorrow and Saturday I think. I can't go because of baby, I don't want to drag her round places too much, only when lunch is in the offing. Shall we all get those lycra suits for DHs?

lou33 Thu 25-Sep-03 21:40:27

Lol @ Davros!

I didn't know about the show, damn. I used to live opposite Olympia years ago.

eidsvold Fri 26-Sep-03 17:04:47

I think it is called second skin - it is a lycra suit of sorts I think .. promise I will read the article properly next week. I think the family had to go to Scotland to go it?!?!?! IT is supposed to be breathable etc.

no Davros did not know about that...

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