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Family Fund....people's experiences

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Anna85 Thu 14-Apr-11 20:15:59


I am thinking of applying for a Family Fund for my ds who is 5 and has High Functioning Autism.

On the website it says for severely disabled children, so wondering if I can still apply for my son. We met the criteria as in receipt of tax credits.

Also just wondering what people have asked for especially on a first application etc?

Thanks for your help.


5inthebed Thu 14-Apr-11 20:23:54


My DS2 has ASD and we have received 2 awards from the FF. I got driving lessons the first year and a holiday the second.

The FF sent someone out to see DS2 and our family situation and asked a few questions not on the form, but they were ovely at the same time.

Have nothing but a glowing report to give about them.

Good luck in applying

Marne Thu 14-Apr-11 20:24:03

We just got a grant for the dd's who are high fuctioning so yes you can still apply, we didn't get the full amount of what we asked for (some people do), they seem to be cutting back a little on what the used to give out. We managed to get some money towards a climbing frame for the dd's, some money towards making the garden safe and some money for a maclaren major, it has been a huge help and we are very greatful. this was our first application so i wasn't sure what to expect, we were asked for quotes for each thing we asked for but was only given half the amount for climbing frame and garden but full amount for the pushchair.

Anna85 Thu 14-Apr-11 20:26:34

What kind of amount do they go up 2?

5inthebed Thu 14-Apr-11 20:29:08

Depends on what you want Anna.

Anna85 Thu 14-Apr-11 20:30:29

Well a cabin bed for DS....I have seen one in Next for £480! He has no decent bedroom furniture and this had everything included but he also would love a laptop...even though he is 5 he uses them at school and is always asking for one to do his phonics etc on!

5inthebed Thu 14-Apr-11 20:35:43

They usually give you the full amount for your first time. You put three things own, going from the first thing you really need.

We applied for a bd as well, but were told that it wasn't likely to get one as the bed didn't help with DS2s SN. I only got the first thing I asked for first time as well, others get all three.

If you are looking to get a computer for him, Cerebra do computers (not laptops though) for children. DS2 has been awarded one, just on a waiting list now.

Anna85 Thu 14-Apr-11 20:43:42

Well because DS finds it difficult to settle at night I thought having his bedroom done nicely may help....but I can only but try I suppose! xx

Marne Thu 14-Apr-11 20:43:59

We got £600 (in vouchers and money), we asked for £950's worth of things, i think it depends what you ask for, they tend to give out vouchers for things like furniture, electrical items, garden ect and it tends to be for Argos and homebase. A few people have managed to get laptops and i-pads. We were told to ask for one big thing and 2 smaller things (so we asked for £400 for a climbing frame, £300 for the garden and £250 for a maclaren major). So you should either ask for the laptop or the bed (which ever will help your ds the most).

As 5inthebed said 'cerebra do grants for alsorts of things' and there are a few other places that do grants for things like laptops.

5inthebed Thu 14-Apr-11 20:44:43

It can't help to try, especially if you ask for it as your first choice

lisa6967 Sat 21-Jan-12 00:51:58

i got £900 in vouchers and cash, i got £400 for an ipad for ds and £100 for bedding £100 for swimming lessons £100 for sensory light £100 for clothes £100 for laminate flooring for his bedroom i could not beleive it :-)

ArthurPewty Sat 21-Jan-12 08:40:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

unpa1dcar3r Sat 21-Jan-12 09:07:57

I generally get £400 towards a holiday and maybe if I'm lucky a few quid for bedding or clothing.
I have 2 SLD children- both with FXS?Autism but both incredibly different and their needs are different- and am a lone parent but they seem to class it as one IYSWIM (E.g.) my mate who only has one child gets the same and sometimes more than me and he's not really severely disabled, so i don't know how they work it out. It is twice as expensive to take 2 SLD boys on holiday but i get the same as for one child. confused

They have previously told me to apply for individual items (such as garden play stuff for one and indoor stuff for the other) but I never get it!

ArthurPewty Sat 21-Jan-12 10:16:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hyperotreti Sat 21-Jan-12 11:08:23

we have a ds with HFA (he gets HR DLA, which makes the application process a bit simpler - no visits or phone calls to assess), we applied for an ipad & they told us they usually make bigger grants than that & suggested that we put extra items on the application shock

They wouldn't approve the item we really wanted - which would allow ds to have his own bedroom - because he would only benefit from it indirectly (tbh I wasn't sure how it was different from paying for driving lessons etc) ... they ended up giving us vouchers towards a games console (higher value than the thing we really wanted!). We're incredibly grateful but a bit perplexed.

lisad123 Sat 21-Jan-12 11:34:00

I have applied for a ipad for dd2, a tumble dryer (my broke 6 months ago, and trying to potty train for no dryer is driving me crazy) and a holiday. I will let you know what happens

unpa1dcar3r Sat 21-Jan-12 12:48:43

Hyper sometimes they need reminding that they are actually The family fund which states in their info that they are geared towards helping disabled children AND THEIR FAMILIES. So even if your child is not the only one who will benefit others in the family will.

Your first payment is always the highest (it's all downhill from there lol) so always make sure you apply for everything!!!

logi Sat 21-Jan-12 13:04:22

My son HFA and we applied for the first time last year and had a visit then were given £500 holiday vouchers ,£100 ds carpet,£100 bubble/sensory and £100 clothing.

OctonautsOnRepeat Sat 21-Jan-12 13:15:02

We applied last year- we got a £300 card for Comet for a tumble dryer. It's fab!
and £400 towards a merlin pass and days out for the DSs.

boredandrestless Sat 21-Jan-12 17:12:40

Interesting thread for me as I had a text from them the other day reminding me I could reapply from now. Last time I applied to them I was given driving lessons.

Several things I could ask them for but not sure which to go for, all would benefit DS. Is the putting more than one thing on the form a new thing?? Don't remember being advised to do this last time. confused

vjg13 Sat 21-Jan-12 19:51:31

Do you have to be below a certain income level to apply. From the list we only get child tax credit so would that qualify us?

TIA smile

Alexandralillie Wed 26-Nov-14 18:10:46

Who provides flooring for family fund?
Does anybody knows?

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