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Starting school

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Jimjams Mon 22-Sep-03 13:44:29

DS1 starts school tomorrow. I'm terrified! Send positive vibes our way between 9.30 and 12 please I'm hoping he won't hit his teacher this time, or scream the place down......

Just got an offer in the post for a place at the local school as well (different LEA - he would be January entry if he went to the local school). So now I have to write to the head thanking her for setting up a meeting with her and the senco, but saying I chose a different school as hers had too many stairs!

lou33 Mon 22-Sep-03 13:48:42

Very best of luck to you and ds Jimjams. Will keep everything crossed for you!

SoupDragon Mon 22-Sep-03 14:00:05

Oooh - good luck! Does your DS understand what's happening?

fio2 Mon 22-Sep-03 14:10:20

jimjams I'm sure he will be fine. I was a right mess when my dd started school, felt all lost. She loved it though and made me feel completely useless Good Luck, are you staying with him tommorrow?

Jimjams Mon 22-Sep-03 14:11:03

Nope no idea. Although if I say "tomorrow I am going to....." and leave the last word blank he will say "mmm" (which is school). He knows the building so when we get in the car and I say we are going to school he'll know where he's going, but he doesn't know what school is iyswim.

Jimjams Mon 22-Sep-03 14:12:28

No- I'm not staying - but he's going in with his nursery key worker. She'll be accompanying him for quite a while as she's the only person who understands what he says. His LSA (who starts next week) will need time to learn the lingo.

ScummyMummy Mon 22-Sep-03 14:15:35

Hope it goes well, jimjams. I bet his nursery key worker will miss him SO much when the time comes to hand over to the LSA.

fio2 Mon 22-Sep-03 14:18:57

At least he'll have a familiar face with him them, that should make it easier for him

Jimjams Mon 22-Sep-03 14:19:11

I don't know- he bit her on Friday. She wasn't bothered at all - I was - she still had teeth marks. (Any ideas on how to deal with this anyone- he doesn't bite aggressively- it's sort of in the way a kitten will bite when they're exploring- just started doing it last week- great timing).

whymummy Mon 22-Sep-03 14:27:53

good luck jimjams lots of positive vibes going your way ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Davros Mon 22-Sep-03 14:53:58

Jimjams, wishing you and son all the best for tomorrow. Please try to come on MN later and tell us how it went, I'm sure it will be good. Any chance of the nursery key worker applying to be his LSA? I expect the LSA has been recruited anyway, have you any idea what she's like (bound to be a she )

Jimjams Mon 22-Sep-03 15:05:55

The nursery manager won't let her go (she's the nursery deputy) . The LSA has been recruited- I haven't met her (yep you're right) yet, but she sounds like a good choice. The school are pretty switched on- they said they'd only recruit if someone suitable applied...

tigermoth Mon 22-Sep-03 19:16:56

Do hope it all goes well, jimjams, and especially hope that your son enjoys it.

Do you think it might seem like you're in limbo for a while - whatever you son makes of the school, it could be difficult to separate the 'school' bit from the 'novelty of it all' bit?, at least for a little while.

tamum Mon 22-Sep-03 19:18:45

I'll be thinking of you both. Hope he gets on really well.

hmb Mon 22-Sep-03 19:35:15

I hope that it goes well.......and try not to worry (a daft thing to say, I know).

Have they given your ds a pictoral timetable for his day? It could help to keep him 'on target' IYSWIM.

Best wishes and luck and all that.

chatee Mon 22-Sep-03 19:37:26

good luck tomorrow jimjams and ds-will be thinking of you both

Davros Mon 22-Sep-03 19:46:39

Have you got any plans for your private SLT to go into the school to observe sometime in the future? It might be a good idea to plan something for later in the term. Just to have a good, independent eye on what is happening in the classroom, and at breaks etc of course, can be very worthwhile. There may be someone else who could do it but you may not think it is necessary if he settles in well..... just a thought.

Caroline5 Mon 22-Sep-03 20:28:02

Best of luck for tomorrow jimjams and your ds. Hope it goes as well as you could wish for!

eidsvold Mon 22-Sep-03 20:28:23

Hope it all goes well tomorrow Jimjams - you have worked so hard for this day to come. You ought to be proud of all you have achieved.

CnR Mon 22-Sep-03 21:22:48

Good luck Jimjams. I hope both you and DS have good days.

Kyliebump Mon 22-Sep-03 21:53:25

I really hope it goes well Jimjams.

jmb1964 Mon 22-Sep-03 23:30:39

Just to add my good wishes too - hope it goes well tomorrow, and all the other days too. Will send vibes - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

doormat Tue 23-Sep-03 07:44:07

Good luck Jimjams, everything will be ok I am sure of it. Will send out pos vibes this morning.Hugs and best wishes.

As for the biting could it be your ds showing affection??? My ds does this in our necks(we call him Drac)as a form of affection.

janh Tue 23-Sep-03 09:29:34

HI, jimjams - have just come across this thread and it's 9.28 so positive vibes being sent right now! Hope all goes well.

fio2 Tue 23-Sep-03 12:59:38

How did evrything go jimjams?

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