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AIT/Sound Learning centre/Retained reflexes - experiences please?

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mumgoingcrazy Fri 01-Apr-11 10:40:19


Sorry about the rubbish title but I didn't know what else to squeeze in.

DD2 (3.9yr), has development delay and sensory processing difficulties. The older she gets the more Dyspraxic she gets, and this is now becoming quite apparent.

In brief, she started to walk in November last year but now doing very well, she can read 50 odd words and knows all the alphabet etc. Her language and vocab is good, but her communication and social skills are terrible (probably my biggest priority now).

On Indigobells recommendations we have been doing retained reflexes since last Sept and this is going very well (Thank you Indigo).

Since she was 11 months she has had sensory integration therapy and sensory diet and most of her difficulties are gradually being ironed out. My issue with her now is that she talks constantly, but not to anyone, she is just verbalising her thoughts, I need to make her more sociable and have more conversational skills. She is able to request something or answer questions but that's as far as the interaction goes. It's also really hard to get her attention, you have to literally turn her head to look at you.

On another thread (I didn't want to hijack), AIT has caught my eye (Indigo again actually). I spoke to the Sound and Learning centre yesterday and it sounds great so have booked an assessment, however I just can't work out how I'm going to get there for 10 days (in or out of school holidays) with my other DC too. I can't work out how to juggle it. Itsjust too far.

Is there anywhere else at all that does AIT and light therapy like this?

Also, can anyone who has been to the Sound learning centre tell me of their experiences and whether I should go for it (tons of money).


IndigoBell Fri 01-Apr-11 10:59:21

I'll pm you grin

Eveiebaby Fri 01-Apr-11 12:48:57

We did it last summer with DD who was just turning four at the time. The improvements I noticed during the 10 days were that DD seemed to take a lot more interest in looking at the world around her when we were out and about plus her eye contact when talking to us was brilliant (I had never thought eye contact was a problem before AIT but afterwards I noticed her always looking at me when she was talking). Her eye contact does seem to have gone amiss again though outside of the house. I have recently noticed that when people talk to her she seems to be listening to them but not looking so I am getting her eyes checked at the hospital. BTW we did not have the Lightwave Therapy done just AIT. I kind of wish we had had both done now but I didn't know much about Light Therapy at the time.
It was a hard slog doing 10 days but I have no regrets about doing it.
You can do Mon-Fri for two weeks and have the weekends off it this helps with childcare.
Over the months her speech has improved she used to get all her pronouns muddled up but three months after therapy this seemed to have resolved itself. It's hard to tell if this was because of the treatment or just maturation.

Hope this helps - good luck

Eveiebaby Fri 01-Apr-11 12:51:58

Forgot to say I am not recommending it as such although I was happy with the outcome for DD ( I guess all children respond to the treatment differently so what may work for one child may not for another)- the above is just my experience!

HairyMaclary Fri 01-Apr-11 15:56:22

MumgoingCrazy - hi! Where do you do your retained reflexes thing and what exactly do you do? I've been looking at the other thread too - thanks there Indigo! I know the main NHS OT in our area has been interested in some of these things and I'm wondering if I should ask our OT about this or whether you do it privately.


IndigoBell Fri 01-Apr-11 16:04:00

It is OT. No reason why a NHS OT can't do it - but I think most of them don't.

Here's a list of providers I have found so far:

Anyone know of any other providers, please tell me and I'll add them....

HairyMaclary Fri 01-Apr-11 16:16:15

Thank you Indigo - one of them is near us. I might give them a ring.

mumgoingcrazy Fri 01-Apr-11 20:29:28

Thank you Eviebaby, it was personal experiences I was after really so that's great.I must admit I havn't heard anything negative about AIT or LWS so think we'll go for it.

Hi HairyMaclary, I've spoken to the OT's at our trust and they know about RR, and are thinking of sending them on courses in the future as apparantly lots of people have asked now. It's not in time for us though, so we've gone private. We go to Hemispheres, and I think they are on Indigos list actually.

After the 2 assessments (neuro and developmental), you are set certain exercises to release whichever retained reflex the child has. We go every month or so to get the new exercises, DD2 is doing really well with it.

beautifulgirls Fri 01-Apr-11 20:38:50

Sorry to hijack Mumgoingcrazy - what are your experiences like with Hemispheres? I was in touch with them yesterday about possibly arranging for DD#1 to be seen there.

mumgoingcrazy Fri 01-Apr-11 21:02:41

beautifulgirls, we're very happy with them. DD2 sees many many therapists and profs and has done since she was 11 months but the therapist at Hemispheres is the only person who really understands and can see exactly what needs working on. She's on the mark every time and picks up on things that I can see in my head but fail to put into words. DD2 has made lovely progress since we started last September, I'm hoping if we do AIT and LWS too we'll be even better off. HTH

oddgirl Fri 01-Apr-11 21:24:42

We are with Hemispheres too and they have been fab-highly recommend!!

HairyMaclary Fri 01-Apr-11 22:37:22

Thanks for that - I gave the sound learning centre a ring - but I'll try hemispheres too.

Larissaisonline Sat 02-Apr-11 09:45:15

My ds is with Hemispheres and they are great. He is asd and spd.

blueShark Sat 02-Apr-11 15:27:59

our experience has been mostly positive with the AIT and the light therapy. Although they say you are expected to see results in the 7-9 months to follow, we saw noticeable difference in the 10 days.

Following the AIT DS (4) was more responsive, followed 3 steps instruction successfully, anxiety was reduced, speech was slightly improved and as Eveiebaby said, he was more aware of the people and looking at the people talking rather than 'through' them as he appeared at times before the therapy.

What I can advice you is get your daughter familiarised with a headset on as most kids cry their hearts out as because of their sensory issues they cant stand the headphones on and lose out on the potential benefits of the initial sessions.

I cannot comment if the light therapy had any positive effect as DS still tilts his head when concentrating meaning he is still trying to adjust the input coming from both eyes.

Why dont you try the Listening Programme first which is available free through most NHS OTs? That way you will get DD used to headsets on and listening to filtered music and can slowly work on increasing the timings she has it on, she will have to listen for 30 mins followed by looking at lights for another 20 mins.


beautifulgirls Sat 02-Apr-11 15:37:55

Thank you for the input on hemispheres smile. Still considering it but certainly sounds very positive.

mumgoingcrazy Sat 02-Apr-11 15:53:17

Thank you blueshark. DD2 has done a 4 lots of Therapeutic Listening in the last 2 years so she's quite happy with wearing a headset luckily. Although I've found it very successful, and in most areas she retains her new skills, the auditory sensitivities creep back. It also hasn't managed to solve other issues such as visual perception etc. This is why I'm looking at AIT and LWS, I'm thinking it will compliment the Retained reflex therapy nicely.

blueShark Sat 02-Apr-11 19:06:49

is she sensitive to laud noise or busy places? The AIT is def more personalised than the Listening programme.

There are many centres around UK that do the therapy if its difficult to organise childcare for the other kids, we did it non stop for 10 days incl weekend.

mumgoingcrazy Sun 03-Apr-11 19:31:04

She's ok in busy places, the noises that upset her are other children crying, and newborn babies (I think it's the anticipation of the baby crying too). The only other noise I can definately say upsets her is those party whistles that roll out/in or any other whistle actually.

Blueshark, where did you do your AIT?


timetoask Sun 03-Apr-11 19:41:50

Hi mumgoingcrazy, sorry to hijack, I have a question for you.
My DS 6yo also has global dev delay, he walked at 19months, with speech and language therapy is making good progress in speech. My biggest concern with him is his learning of numbers and letters.

Have you used any special system to teach your DD to read those 50 words?
DS even gets his numbers confused. I am really worried about how far behind he is falling. Thanks,

mumgoingcrazy Sun 03-Apr-11 19:57:55

Hi Timetoask, no I havn't used any special system, she just forgets nothing. I don't know how much understanding she has of these words, I feel she may have just memorised them as shapes if you know what I mean.

I know this for sure with her numbers, as she can recognise numbers up to 24, but is only able to physically count 5 objects.

Sorry, not much help to you I'm afraid.

IndigoBell Sun 03-Apr-11 20:13:14

TimeToAsk - there are really 2 ways to teach your child to read. Either as a whole word or using phonics - ie breaking the word into individual sounds.

Unfortunately both methods require a fair amount of memory.

The system which most school use and which require the least amount of memory is phonics. But even this required far too much memory for my DD - until she did AIT - and then her memory improved enormously.

I can't explain it. Even I don't think it makes any sense. But she could not learn or remember anything (she is in Y3 and is working at a Y1 level) until she did AIT - and now she's learning at a very fast rate.

So basically I'd recommend finding out more about your child's memory. How is his visual memory? Auditory Memory? Working Memory? (The SENCO might be able to run some basic tests to determine this.) Then you can work out how best you can help him...

But if the SENCO says he has a very weak Auditory Memory then you really must try AIT if you possibly can....

(For bad visual memory do vision therapy...)

timetoask Mon 04-Apr-11 06:19:02

Thank you both for your answers.
Indigo, he can remember faces amazingly well, he can remember who owns which car. I think he has good visual memory, that is why I am so baffled about his lack of memory when it comes to number and letters.
He understand quatity well, just cannot identify the symbol.
For reading, his school uses the jollyphonics and are also trying with some whole words, but I don't see him getting anywhere.

I have an appointment coming up in the sound learning centre for an assessment. If it can help him learn I will be over the mood.

IndigoBell Mon 04-Apr-11 08:06:24

TimeToAsk. Tell us (or message me) how you get on at the SLC.

I never thought they'd be able to help my DDs Reading problems. And they did. So I think there's a really good chance they'll help your DSs. He sounds a lot like her when she was 6

mumgoingcrazy Tue 05-Apr-11 10:42:49

Oh no, I'm am so confused now......... please help!!

I have spoken to the people below:

They are closer (hour away) and I can do a distance program, so I basically go for the initial assessment, and then they send me all the equipment and I do it at home. I'm fine with it as it's similar to Therapeutic Listening which is twice a day with 3 hr break inbetween as well.

They then send the portable light machine and I do this at home too.

It sounds really similar to Sound learning centre but it's much closer, more convienient because it can be done at home, and MUCH MUCH cheaper.

What's the catch?

This sensory clinic is £65 for the assessment, AIT is £270 and LWT is £250.
The sound learning centre is £1700+ all in.

What do you think????

IndigoBell Tue 05-Apr-11 11:11:27

There doesn't look like any catch. It looks like the exact same program we did at the SLC for apparantly a fraction of the price.

Thanks for sharing this very important info. Please post back after you've done it and tell us if it was effective.

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