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I have 2 SN kids, new job in Guildford, and looking for schools in area.

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ao98al00 Fri 01-Apr-11 01:02:23

hello everybody, I'm new so I hope this is posted in the correct place?
I'd very much appreciate some personal experience suggestions on schools in the Guildford area...I know theres lots of websites listing schools but you don't get a true feel for SN programs/teachers that way, so I'm hoping all of you mums out there can maybe help me.
My 13yr old has autism (moderate), a severe speech impairment and a significant developmental delay. My 11yr old has dyslexia (english and maths), and a delay.
Hubby's got a new job in Guildford, so we have to move, and I know nothing about the schools/programs or even the surrounding area there. I hate moving to new places I know nothing about. confused
Thanks everyone

fourstickymitts Fri 01-Apr-11 01:05:21


You might want to post this onto the mumsnet local for Guildford. Might get a more focused response. Welcome to the area when you get here and good luck for the move.

fourstickymitts Fri 01-Apr-11 01:07:08

Sorry, I should have said mumsnet local for Guildford "too". I really need to go to bed, not making any sense any more. grin

ao98al00 Fri 01-Apr-11 01:28:41

oopps, thanks for the info. Just curious where did this end up? I don't have a Guildford postcode so I guessed

Whatever17 Fri 01-Apr-11 01:54:31

What about the Moat School in Fulham for the 11 year old. I have just forced our local LEA into paying for a £21 pa place for my DS2. And they are providing a taxi!

Thank God!

Toppy Fri 01-Apr-11 13:55:36

Hi ao98al00 (catchy name!)
Go and have a look at - it it the local Surrey branch of the NAS and they have an excellent section on schools that you can read up on. Also have a look on the recent 'best area to live in terms of autism provision thread' as many surrey schools were mentioned on here. I can't offer any advice for your 11 year old as I don't have experience myself but someone will be along soon who can

moid Fri 01-Apr-11 19:38:18

Well I am in Guildford, it is a seriously lovely town but super expensive. Do you know where you will be living?

- the central Guildford main stream secondary schools that you will encounter are Guildford County, George Abbott, St Peters (Catholic). All very good, not sure about special needs support. George Abbott very big but very organised.
- Moor house in Frensham (private) could be worth a look - my friends son with mild ASD is very happy there. Also lots of dxyslexic kids there. Advantage they could both go there as 8 to 18.

I do have a son with undiagonosed mild ASD and know lots of people with kids with various special needs so please ask if you have any specific questions and will endeavour to find out.

Pagwatch Fri 01-Apr-11 19:41:05

Woking has freemantle school for children with autism.

15 mins away.

mummytime Fri 01-Apr-11 19:55:31

Try George Abbot, the SENCO is fab, and may even be able to give you tips to other schools f its not suitable (she used to work at the PRU).
There are several autism specialist schools around (state and private) and lots of mainstreamed kids.
More House in Frensham is good if you are going fee paying, bit of a pain to get to but very good, assuming they are both boys?

Good luck!

Anothername1 Thu 15-Jan-15 10:40:52

Avoid George Abbot - it's a nightmare and you'd regret it.

PolterGoose Thu 15-Jan-15 10:59:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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