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My son has no imagination

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mieow Sat 20-Sep-03 11:38:36

Ds is 5 with CP and all he wants to do is play the PS1. He is a very good player and has been able to play these since he was 18 months old. Today he has had his first friend from school round and all he wants to do is play the computer. The boy wants to play cars and things but DS says its not a game. He gets stressed if the other child doesn't know how to play a game and gets very upset. He has lots of toys but only plays on the computers, I brought him a castle last year for xmas and he has played with it about twice. He has no imagination and I can't get him to do anything else. He isn't into normal things a 5 year old should be into. help

easy Sat 20-Sep-03 12:02:15

Have you ever played these sort of games with him? My ds sort of needed "kick starting" when he was about 3, and now ofter plays such games, making characters speak and stuff. Try it every day for a while (you'll feel a bit of a berk, but let yourself go )

Otherwise it could be sign of other behavioural probs, but don't panic until you've tried for a while.

p.s. does he attend school? see what his teacher thinks.

mieow Sat 20-Sep-03 12:16:56

WE have tried to play these games with him and he has lots of toys, cars, castle, bob the builder, thomas etc. He also chews things which is disgusting. His teacher says that he is very good in the computer class. He only thinks about computers and games. If I buy him anything else he throws it and screams at me. DD1 and DD2 both play with dolls and castles and their doll houses. We have threaten to throw all his toys away (mean I know) as he doesn't play with them but it makes no difference

SoupDragon Sat 20-Sep-03 12:21:10

Are there any toys which are similar to characters in the PS games he plays? Can you try to extend the PS game into imaginative play?

Jimjams Sat 20-Sep-03 19:54:55

mieow - I agree with soupdragon. DS1 really likes playing with the things he likes on TV like teletubbies. He gets quite imaginative with them. If there are any playstation characters available (I have no idea about these things) maybe that would kickstart him. DS1 has moved onto other little play people now.

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