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Great News...

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eidsvold Wed 10-Sep-03 19:55:06

We heard today that dh has his visa to emigrate to Australia.... we are not going just yet - next year sometime. But that is such a relief... we can now start planning for our future in Australia.

lou33 Wed 10-Sep-03 21:29:55

How wonderful and exciting Eidsvold. I'm so pleased for you all!

fio2 Thu 11-Sep-03 07:18:12

great news eidsvold

doormat Thu 11-Sep-03 08:10:28

grat news eidsvold, wishing you all the best for your future over in the land of vegemite

sobernow Thu 11-Sep-03 08:29:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThomCat Thu 11-Sep-03 10:17:13

That's wonderful news.

wickedstepmother Thu 11-Sep-03 10:20:31

Fab news eidsvold.

Make sure your PC is plugged in the minute you land though

oliveoil Thu 11-Sep-03 13:03:09

Congratulations! Very jealous, it's a gorgeous place to live.

katierocket Thu 11-Sep-03 13:09:34

very jealous - my sister and her DP emigrated to melbourne about 4 years ago and then absolutely love it.

Jimjams Thu 11-Sep-03 15:25:33

nice one eidsvold. Where are you from? Are you returning to your hometown/city?

eidsvold Thu 11-Sep-03 20:35:36

Jimjams I am from Brisbane and still have a house there so we will return there to start with - then it depends on where dh can get work. A lot of my family are around Brisbane too - so we are very excited. We were a bit worried that dh might not get his visa but he did and so it is brilliant. The best part - besides the obvious - if some child is annoying me at work - I just remember how many days I have left before I never have to see them again

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