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Miss Pidjie's School of Sensible

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purplepidjin Fri 04-Feb-11 00:11:24

Following on from another thread, ade-the-TA-cry, I would be prepared to be Headteacher of a Free School with a curriculum loosely based on the following

"If I ran a school, it'd be full of happy kids who could tie their own ties and shoe laces, budget for and cook for a family of four for a week, change a lightbulb and put up shelves, do martial arts in PE, and sew on buttons/mend rips in clothes. Times tables would be taught for 10 minutes a week, and handwriting would be based on legibility not what some cartoon book says, and geography would involve maps. Science would cover the best way to get your house and clothes clean; IT would be how to not get groomed on facebook; and RE would be replaced with "how to be a good friend and human being"

The government would shut me down in hours."

I already have enough parents who want to send their kids, but need people with the necessary skills to do set up, source funding etc.

Anybody up for a challenge??

shaz298 Fri 04-Feb-11 08:35:13

Sounds fab, doing it online?? grin xx

IndigoBell Fri 04-Feb-11 09:00:03

Here's the guide on how to do it.

Money's not an issue. The gov pays you. Oodles it looks like.

I think the first thing you need to decide is where in the country you will set up the school.

What I can't find out (quickly) is how many children is needed. If someone else doesn't beat me to it I'll research it over the weekend...

(Or ask on Primary - there's some experts on there)

starfishmummy Fri 04-Feb-11 09:15:05

There isn't long if you want to open in september 2011!!

Could you set it up in an old bus? Then you could travel the country and we could all participate? (There used to be a playgroup in a bus thing near us)

purplepidjin Fri 04-Feb-11 09:21:13

Indigo, I live in Hants so that's probably the place to start.

I'm serious about this, but will need others doing leg work too!! I'm confident I could sort out the syllabus and deliver it, but haven't go the skills to apply or the cash to find premises etc...

Starfish, I love the bus idea but as I'm thinking of a 5-19 SN market, I think it needs to be consistent 5 days a week, even if only mornings to start...

IndigoBell Fri 04-Feb-11 12:27:03


purplepidjin Fri 04-Feb-11 14:11:48

Opinions please!

8:30 to 9, settling in period - sensory activities and physical games.

9-10, literacy and/or numeracy.

10-10:30 break with choice between quiet sensory room or outside play.

10:30-12:00 practical skills - cooking, diy, going out to the shops etc.

12:00-1:30 Lunch.

1:30-3 compulsory attendance but optional classes - eg, Speech Therapy, Music Therapy, academic subjects like history, geography, science, physiotherapy, social skills groups etc.

moosemama Fri 04-Feb-11 18:57:35

Noooo, you have to move to the Midlands. No school bus on earth would take ds that far! (We can't move, ds won't let us. grin)

Seriously though, great idea.

Such a shame that we are all so spread out - I reckon an MN SN school would be wonderful with all the wealth of knowledge and experience there is on here.

unpa1dcar3r Fri 04-Feb-11 19:06:51

Sounds quite like my boys school but in smaller bites depending on each childs ability.

You forgot the bit about sex ed; teaching children to love one another, respect each other and ones self and not to have any until you're in a long term committed relationship and not randomly with all and sundry! wink
Jezzer would be out of a job within weeks!!! grin

purplepidjin Fri 04-Feb-11 19:10:59

I think I would want all parents to be CRB checked so that they can do a regular slot helping out if they want to - to add to the optional afternoon stuff grin

So far, I'm Head Teacher and Indigo is Chief Governor. We need another teacher plus a Secretary Governor and Financial Governor to really get this off the ground. Indigo is researching the how to's and funding, and we'll go from there if it's viable.

It may be that we also recruit a Pastoral Teacher and there is a weekly boarding option...

benito Fri 04-Feb-11 19:15:15

Fab.....what age group? I'm not too far away I think. I'm a lawyer....may know some sympathetic professionals....

PM me..

signandsmile Fri 04-Feb-11 19:15:38

oh the temptation... new forest too far.. and no money to board.. sad.

wishing you well tho, and if a SW is of any use, shout...

purplepidjin Fri 04-Feb-11 19:48:53

Sign, we're looking at Free Schools not independent... Also, September 2012 will be pushing it, we think, and by 2013 I could look into moving house as I'm in a flat at the moment and want kids in a few years; will have to see where life takes me first grin

benito, you're awesome!

bullet234 Fri 04-Feb-11 23:07:05

I like the idea of the practical skills.

IndigoBell Sat 05-Feb-11 07:49:42

Yes, we're investigating if it will be feasible to run a free school.

That means it will be totally free. A state school

We (currently) are thinking one small class (15 - 20 kids?). Of mixed ages (4 - 11).

The class will have 2 teachers.

Location not decided. Somewhere convenient for purple - but suggestions near her welcome.

We need 'interested parents'. And anyone else who is interested in getting a free school approved and of the ground.

Fairly sure it'll have to be a MS school. Which can give priority to statemented children, but then will have to take whoever is closest (if anyone actually applies grin).

This is totally serious and feasible -if anyone wants to come.

benito Sat 05-Feb-11 10:50:42

PM me if I can help Indigo

newlife4us Sat 05-Feb-11 16:06:56

Ooh - can I come on board too? I live in Hants and ex lawyer/company secretary. Is it going to be 4-11 or older?

IndigoBell Sat 05-Feb-11 16:40:56

4-11. How old are your lot?

LollipopViolet Sat 05-Feb-11 18:47:06

Pidjin, I think that curriculum would benefit ANYONE, not just those with SN! I wish they'd taught us things like that at my school. I can do algebra but I'm struggling to work out a budget for when I leave home, etc...

intothewest Sat 05-Feb-11 23:01:37

O.K- the school I've been looking for- if this is serious,count me in !I've been saying I want to set up a free school (but not a clue how to do it- I'll help if I can)but ds has sld- would it be for ALL children ?

IndigoBell Sun 06-Feb-11 06:52:45

Yep. It will be for all children.

The first step for setting up a free school is to get enough interested parents.

So this thread is really important. If we have 20 primary school aged kids who are interested, then we can move to the next stage.

The govt will fund the school, and kids with statements would obviously take priority. Then after that we'll have to accept kids by distance to school.

purplepidjin Sun 06-Feb-11 21:46:01

Lolli, would you like a job for when you finish uni? We'll teach you to budget and you can teach... well, whatever you want! Dp works from home - I chatted to him over the weekend - and has volunteered for the 8:30 run around slot when he's around grin

Some kind of massive old vicarage we can live in and convert to classrooms in North Hants seems best at the moment...

purplepidjin Sun 06-Feb-11 21:47:05

Oh, and carrying on from what Indigo said, I'd be happy to take "families" so that siblings can keep an eye out for their SN brothers and sisters if they want to smile

benito Sun 06-Feb-11 21:56:31

That would be lovely. I really want my boys to be together!

purplepidjin Sun 06-Feb-11 22:06:27

Well, I've seen how much 3yo DNephew looks out for 5yo ASD Dniece...

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